8 mins read Use this simple trick to control what your clients think about you, without any marketing knowledge. But, if you want to leave everything blindfolded to your marketing team, you can jump straight here and give this list to your content marketing department, they will be able to improve the content strategy.

Your Brand is Supportive, Is Your Content Too?

Online real-estate marketplace helps realtors and brokers to quickly connect with their customers and sell a business. This means that your brand, as a marketplace, has an image of support and help, but are your clients aware of your supportive standpoint? The clients will only believe what your writers believe. This is a clear warning sign for your brand image if you are not aware of your content strategy.  But you are no marketer and it is difficult to talk to your marketing team. Today, and in the coming future also, I will tell you some super easy clever tricks that will expose your current content strategy so that you can decide your next step.

Your Competitors Won’t Tell You, But They Follow a Content Strategy

Spying on your competitor’s content strategy is ridiculously easy, just check the way they use their blogs. Marketing jargon for some people might be difficult to understand, but I can help you figure out the position of your branding in a super-easy way. You can use me as your secret guide to effectively communicate with your marketing managers. You are, for sure, interested to see what your competitors are up to, right? So, let’s have a look at their blog categories, and you will understand how they are controlling their stakeholders’ mindset and what is their blog’s content strategy. It's like running with your eyes closed if you don't know what your competitor is doing. Click To Tweet Simply, go to the blog section of their website, which can be accessed from the footer of the website or in the side menu. You might see a list similar to these:


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  • Analysis
  • Announcements
  • Buying
  • Property in the UAE
  • Find your Campaign
  • General Guides
  • Home Decor
  • Mobile
  • New Projects
  • News
  • Real Estate Revealed Trends
  • Tips
  • Pulse
  • My Home
  • Gen Z
  • Laws
  • Market Trends Partners
  • Life at Bayut
  • House & Home
  • Market Trends
  • Celebrity Homes
  • Dream Properties
  • Property News
  • Property Advice
  • Buyer Advice


icon In the above table, notice the categories highlighted in bold. I will tell you something interesting about them in a while.

These are the real estate websites that are visible when you google “properties in UAE”. Have a good look at their blog categories and this will give you an insight into their b2b content marketing strategy. Let’s see what blog categories your website have. Look for the word Blog in the top navigation bar, side menu, or footer of the website. See the figure below for guidance. Blog Categories

If you are having difficulties in finding the blog, let us know here. We are a content strategy development agency that can create a competition-beating content strategy that just works perfectly for your business!

Now, have a view of your blog categories and see if they are somewhat similar to the ones I have shown in the table above. If they are, this means your stakeholders do not consider your brand helpful, trustworthy and supportive; because you are merely reduced to a “property advertiser” and that’s it. Before your clients get in contact with your business, they get in contact with your content in the form of a website, blog, flyer, brochure, etc. And if your content is not adding any value to their business, they are not going to stay there – even if they do stay, there is a little chance that your customer will convert into a lead. Ask yourself a sincere question – have you really ever thought of addressing the questions of your stakeholders? If the answer is a “No”, then this is the time to think about them, because this is how you can win their hearts (and the leads also).


Who are the stakeholders?

They are the people for whom your business is running. There are different stakeholders from different businesses. Your stakeholders would probably include rentals, buyers, investors, realtors, agencies, and brokers.

If your blog categories are generalized like the ones you have just seen, your stakeholders might not even give a pretty 60 seconds read to your content. Why? Because your content is not connecting to their real-life big problems. Happiness appeals, but pain bewitches the most. So, address your customer's pain first! Click To Tweet They are people who look for their lawful rights and legitimate ways to deal with real-estate problems, and they are unable to find them nowhere. The people are looking for tested marketing ideas and tricks that will really help them boost their business. They are looking for bargain-and- deal scenarios that will help them do their deals better. So, you need to re-work your blog categories a bit. Remember those bold items in the table above? These are the categories that I was talking about, the ones that address stakeholder issues. Go on and google “property laws in Dubai” and you will see bhomes blog on the first page. Though bhomes does not have categories on their blog, they surely write about the core issues with proper tags. In terms of User Experience, this website does not allow better navigation to their content, yet there is enough content they can search around from the provided search bar. The blog categories that I am going to tell you will add value to your reader’s life, and in return give you a “benefit”, which we marketers call “objectives”. Use these seven killer blog categories that are linked with clear objectives, and then behold the torrent of customers coming.

Blog Categories

Check out the list of blog categories that can actually make your stakeholders think that you care for them, and as a result, gain their trust.

  1. Law and Ethics
  2. Technology
  3. Business Tips
  4. News
  5. Architecture Guide
  6. Sales and Marketing
  7. For Brokers

1) Law and Ethics

General Protection: 
They are saved from fraud and injustice.
Your Benefit:
Establish the authority and leadership of your brand, gain more trusting clients

A strong traffic magnet, I must say; it not only informs about the real-estate law but also educates the stakeholders on how to safeguard their lawful rights. This category addresses all types of stakeholders: buyers, brokers, investors, sellers, and rentals. The customer unconsciously connects brands with what they talk about, so mark yourself as a trusted and reliable brand in the market by informing people about their lawful rights. The topics may include such as can you change a contract, tips for keeping your marketing legal, better dispute resolution, etc.

2. Technology

General Technology Benefit: 
Save them from tech disasters and unproductivity
Your Benefit:
Establish leadership and PR in the market

You must include technology in your content to elaborate on how real-estate stakeholders can leverage the edge of technology. You can divide this into sub-categories, one for the customer and the other for a realtor. For customer: Here you can include topics that inform the common users of the apps they should be using to search for properties (this is beneficial when your listings are available on other marketplaces as well). For realtor:  If you are a marketplace, you can educate realtors on how to save themselves from tech disasters, or how to score better on facebook.

3. Business Tips

Business Owner Benefit: 
Improve their business and content strategies to rank them up.
Your Benefit:
Economic and partnership opportunities with leading businesses

Business trends are not constant, so one has to stay up-to-date with the latest events to get a better output when it comes to investment opportunities. In this regard, the importance of your blogs becomes even more relevant since it is only through the write up on your web that you can convince the potential buyers/sellers to associate themselves with you. For instance, you can post business and startup guidelines on your website for entrepreneurs looking for a suitable location to start their ventures or you can post blogs predicting the future of any specific location.  Dubai and other metropolitan hubs in the UAE have a burgeoning real-estate industry and buyers, brokers, investors, sellers, and rentals need to be attracted through your hold on new business drifts.

4. News

General Benefit: 
Well informed investment decisions by getting financial viabilities or area-specific updates.
Your Benefit:
Increased viewership leading to more clients approaching for a handshake

Once you diversify your website’s content, it helps you stay ahead in the competition as it attracts general traffic that leads to new leads. You can redirect the readers of a news blog to other tabs as well by linking them from techniques such as is given below: News Example:  The monsoon weather is upon us and the authorities at Nadd Al Hammar in Dubai are confident. Now, we can easily redirect the reader on our web to the page of Nadd Al Hammar by creating a link between them. How is that for a strategy?

5. Architecture guide

Constructor’s Benefit: 
Better constructions with easily available time-tested architecture designs.
Your Benefit:
Keep your brand name in their discussions and become a trustworthy source of knowledge

Most real estate websites will not offer a comprehensive architectural guide to their stakeholders, therefore this will give you a competitive edge because you are now offering more than others. They will be able to look at all the latest trends and various design layouts. This can also help them narrow down their search.

6. Sales and marketing

Agency Benefit: 
Agencies get tested tips for success and survival for their content strategy.
Your Benefit:
Establish a strong bond with the agencies and get more loyal clients onboard

Stakeholders are known to trust websites more that have numbers and statistics to show for their work. This transparency in the business makes them more likely to trust and listen to their opinion. So, make sure your marketing is not intrusive rather understanding the customer’s wants and needs.

7. For brokers

Broker’s Benefit: 
Increased coverage, and easy marketing & promotion for the broker.
Your Benefit:
Increased popularity because brokers will start referring your brand to other agencies

With the help of a media kit, brokers will be able to get a new client much more easily. Instead of giving them all their information separately, a media kit will give all contact information without any hassle. It can also be a great tool to promote their business, and any interested parties can contact them.

Some other useful categories

According to the stats shared by our real-estate clients, the categories of investing, buying and area guides are the ones that attract the highest number of stakeholders, which means they find such content useful. In fact, the investing category attracts the stakeholders five (5) times more than any other category on the blog. Stats Writing more in the investing category will establish your brand as an investment guide for investors, which will give you more credibility in the market. This also means that more agencies will try to get on board with you just because your words have the power to change the investor interests and capital direction. Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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