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How Press Releases Can Transform Your Business for The Better

  • February 24, 2020

Big or small, the needs of a business do not change. whether you are planning a small event for your budding business or if you are calling out some special friends for a special occasion. Even if you are just taking another step towards the growth of your business, the world needs to know about it. Press release writing is one way of getting that information across.

Yet we know the problem you might be facing – cash (or lack thereof). Gucci or Chanel can have any event covered by thousands of bloggers, vloggers, journalists, and influencers. Matter of fact, even celebrities end up covering the event in their own way. They get the exposure from everywhere and get the word out.

On the other hand, a startup business cannot afford that kind of exposure. However, they still need to broadcast it to their audience as much as Gucci and Chanel do, if not more.

So what is the solution?

Press release writing!

The clever write-ups can transform your business for the better. Here’s how:

• Press Releases Gives Immediate Exposure

Every business wants their target audience to know about their company and the milestones it is achieving, efficiently. But they also want to achieve that without putting a hole in their pockets.

That’s where press releases come in. All it requires is an expert wordsmith like the ones you can find at The Write Pick and a website where you can post it. Marketing would do the rest and within a matter of hours, you’ll have your business’s special event covered. Instant exposure is one of the best attributes of press releases.

PRs, in general, include a detailed review of the most happening things in your business. On the other hand a well-written copy has the capacity to sweep your target audience off their feet and spread the word faster. They even garner the attention of a wider audience.

• Press Release Writing  Establishes a Business’s Authority

Every different kind of content has a different kind of role to perform. This is why PRs in their entirety should never be ignored by businesses. While landing pages give you a platform and blogs help you maintain a close connection with your visitors. Press releases help establish you as an authority in your trade.

It takes the new traffickers just a few minutes to dig into your PR archives and discover about all your business. Every accomplishment and all the milestones you have achieved so far. As they read it, in their head, they already see you as an expert. It doesn’t take long after that for those potential customers to convert into real customers.

• Press Releases Improve Brand Image

One of the ways to improve the brand image is to publish a number of extremely appealing press releases and put your business in a favorable spotlight.

Since it is digital, this eloquent press release also has the potential to reach a much broader audience with the help of various digital marketing strategies. These include SEO, social media, influencer outreach, etc.

Investing in press releases for improving the brand image is one of the smartest actions a business can take. If a business entity contacts a content creating company such as The Write Pick, they’ll get high-quality write-ups on a reasonable rate. They can then publish it at all the right times, and enjoy the improved brand image.

• Press Release is a Substantial Public Relations Tool

In order to grow, every business needs to maintain healthy public relations. Luckily for the resource-deprived startups and small businesses, publishing a press release is practically free of cost. While it’s true that press releases mainly cover events or any significant milestone of a business. However, they can also be used to impress the customers by sharing consumer information and alerting the public of upheavals such as product recalls, or of a security breach. The press release is one of the best ways to inform the public of all the actions a business is taking to maintain that breach or in undoing any kind of damage.

In a world where every action of business is now open under the spotlight, it’s crucial that businesses immediately send out their own word and keep their customers in the loop. This press release will be regarding how professionally they are handling tricky situations, and all that they are doing to ensure the catastrophe doesn’t happen again.

Press Release Is a Great Chance to Ensure the Success of a Marketing Plan

Marketingprofs shared their most recent findings and revealed that 71% of all B2B marketers heavily rely on content marketing to generate new sales lead. When we say content marketing, we’re not just referring to the popular blogs and social media posts, but we are referring to every kind of content marketing toolbox that you have in your arsenal. It’s like a balanced diet, where every nutrient plays its own role in maintaining good health.

Which goes on to prove that press release has its own little role to play in ensuring the success of marketing plans. The Press release is an amazingly impressive content marketing tool which provides control to the creators regarding their targeted audience and the message they want to relay.

1. Press Releases Are an Opportunity to Brand Yourself as an Industry Expert.

Remember how we mentioned that press releases can establish a business’s authority, well, if a business keeps on focusing on their press releases and maintain a stellar archive with high-quality content then pretty soon, the business can establish itself as an authority in the entire industry. It’s a great way to build credibility and trust and to touch on rare subjects, offer unique ideas and all the while outlining the attributes of your own products, just like killing two birds with one stone.

Well-written press releases, published timely creeps up on the target audience and gain their trust. Once that trust solidifies with a business’ consistent approach to press releases, the potential customers convert into real customers.  As the customers increase and the press releases continue to impress the audience, the business begins to garner the attention of a greater audience. The press release could take a business to the point where media could be calling them to comment on a narrative related to the industry because they see you as an expert.

However, it should be pointed out that it is not easy to achieve this goal. Businesses need to rely on extremely authoritative content writing companies. The Write Pick is one such company. Here expert writers of every industry bring their best self to work every day. This ensures that their clients never have to see bad content again.

2. Press Release Offers a New Opportunity to Reach Your Targeted Audience

There are so many businesses that have yet to touch base with their press release side of content marketing. What they don’t know is that press release is one of the most accurate tools for targeted marketing. Press release publishing system is very industry-specific. It usually only floats amongst people who are the targets of the business. This increases the chances of the audience responding to the call to action because the press release targeted the right audience.

In addition to this, digital PRs knows no geographical bounds. Hence even far from home, it reaches out to the targeted audience, to people who are genuinely interested in the niche that business is representing. This increases the popularity of the business and the increased popularity brings profits via word of mouth, and recommendation. (both real life and web recommendations)

3. Press Releases are a great way to Keep the Audience Informed

The press release isn’t just used to highlight events or to alert the audience. It is also a way to take your customers along with the business on its journey. The news of the expansion, the news of rebranding, of branching out, of partnering, of hosting an event, anything significant can be shared with the customers via press release. News like this can never go on a blog, nor an article is a right place to put it. Social media posts are too ignorable for it. Press release, on the other hand, is the best platform for the business to keep their audience informed every step of the way.

4. Press Releases Give a Boost to SEO

Press release contributes to a business in many ways, and one of them is allowing it to get a boost in SEO. The algorithms of the search engine are always on the move, always refreshing, always moving ranks. In short, keeping the businesses on their toes. Outdated content no longer serves any purpose in SEO. Hence businesses have to be consistent with their content marketing and press releases are always there to lend a hand. As soon as something remarkable happened in your organization, you publish a press release. By doing this process, you have your page rank higher in the search engine. Every time a target audience searches for a related concept your post will show up. It also saves you from posting the same old redundant content and trying something new.

All the points that we made above are just some of the reasons why businesses need to stop underestimating the influence of press releases. These write-ups have a powerful sway on the readers. The kind that converts the audience fast and even brings some impressive investment from far and wide. The only condition is, the press releases that a business puts out there needs to be eloquent enough to grab attention. If you are looking for content creators who can jot down such a press release, then feel free to reach to The Write Pick.


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