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All You Need To Know About White Papers?

  • February 21, 2020

What is a White Paper?

The meaning and definition of a white paper differ greatly from sector to sector. This can be a bit puzzling for marketers looking to create one for their business. There are many white paper writing services that can guide you through the entire process as well.

The old-school definition originates from politics where it means a judicial document defining and supporting a specific political resolution. In today’s digital world, however, a white paper typically defines a theory behind a new piece of technology. Even a business white paper can serve a wide range of uses and audiences- some more product-centric than others. Despite the fact that a white paper and an eBook are compiled more or less the same way, both of them are written quite differently.

A white paper is a convincing, influential, detailed and comprehensive report on a particular topic that presents an issue as well as provides a solution for it. Sellers and marketers make white papers to inform their target audience about a specific problem, or explain and support a specific approach or methodology. They are unconventional and radical problem-solving guides. Usually, white papers need at least an email address to download making them great for catching leads. In reality, they usually require more information than that.

white papers in marketing

As a marketing tool, these papers use a selection of facts and logic-based arguments to construct a case that favours the company sponsoring the document. Business to business white papers are usually used for a variety of things produce sales leads, form thought guidance or create a business case. They can also educate and convince probable customers, investors, analysts, channel partners, or even journalists.

White papers are thought to be a form of content marketing or inward bound marketing. More like sponsored content presented on a website with or without registration aimed to increase the visibility of the sponsor in search engine results. Hence, build web traffic. Several businesses to business white papers debate that one specific technology, item or methodology is better than others for cracking a particular business issue. They might as well present research conclusions, enlist a set of queries or tips related to a certain business problem, or highlight a specific product or service from a dealer.

There are three basic types of marketable white paper:

  1. Backgrounder: Defines the practical or business benefits of a particular dealer’s offer; a service, methodology or product. White papers of this type are best to complement a product launch, debate over a business case, or endorse a technical assessment at the bottom of the sales funnel.
  2. Numbered list: This type exhibits a set of tips, queries, or pointers related to a certain business issue. It is best used to gain attention with fresh or provoking views, or cast criticisms on your rivals.
  3. Problem-solution: Suggests a new and better solution to a troublesome business issue. The greatest use of this type of white paper is that it can generate leads at the top of the sales funnel. It can also construct mind share or educate and convince shareholders, building reliance and integrity in the subject.

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How are white papers beneficial for your content marketing strategy?

It is a distinguishing method of following content in today’s digital world. High-end brands and businesses are on their toes to share treasured content that proposes efficient solutions with related particulars.

White papers Writing can be an advantageous tactic for business to business content marketing operations. They can even provoke and kindle other businesses to team up with you as they offer a piece of thorough information on a certain subject.

A white paper doesn’t always have to be used to extend your business. It can also be used to spread knowledge and construct an improved brand image. Instead of writing a convincing brochure at the end of the white paper, you could briefly describe your company in a few short paragraphs. This will help your audience get a better understanding of what your company does and also allow you to present your proficiency and credentials in your field.

Such white papers, which comprise of very little promotional content, can also assist in generating leads indirectly since it will showcase your proficiency and establish you as a leader in your industry. And we all know it for sure, everyone loves working with experts.

Using White Papers to Attract Participants

Generally, structuring a mailing list can be a pretty difficult job to do. Persuading somebody to sign up to your newsletter merely to get updates don’t get many participants. However, if you give them a complimentary gift in return for a sign-up, that can help you grow the number of your subscribers. So if you have a white paper, you can use it as a gift which can be given to them as soon as they sign up for your newsletter. Problem solved!

You want to get a maximum number of people to sign up by using this technique. Thus you need to make sure that the subject of your white paper is related to your blog. Also, make sure that it comprises of something that benefits your target audience. Other than that, you should also make sure it’s exclusive and contains worthy information. People will only want to read it if they think they will acquire something different and special from it. If you are also looking forward to getting a white paper for your business, contact and boost up your marketing game!

What is the difference between a white paper and other content marketing measures?

There are a thousand types of content marketing with each one of them having their special qualities and benefits. The different content marketing materials include blogs, press releases, articles, eBooks, white papers, etc. Despite having the same purpose, they all differ greatly from each other such as;

  1. White papers and blog posts:

For a layman, a white paper and a blog post may be the same thing, considering the fact that they both serve the same purpose. In fact,  there is a huge difference between the two. You write white paper is  in a very formal tone with logical arguments and established facts. Whereas a blog is a really casual type of content marketing and is usually opinionated, unlike a white paper. Furthermore, a blog has a limited word limit, mostly ranging between 500-2000 words and hence takes just a few hours or days to write. While, a white paper is written between 3000-5000 words and therefore, takes weeks to write. In a nutshell, a white paper is a well-researched article while a blog depends on one’s opinions completely.

  1. White papers and eBooks:

Don’t consider this eBook as an e-Pub version of Harry Potter’s novels. Here, eBooks refer to the ones published by business to business companies for marketing purposes.

An eBook and a white paper are the most difficult to differentiate. Since we still need to establish clear standards or conventions  for e-books, people go on and call anything on the internet an e-book. That’s not how it goes! An e-book can by any document ranging from 10 to 100 pages, formatted in a PDF file or even any other less-known format.

An eBook can have absolutely no color at all but also have all the colors and graphics. As mentioned previously, there are no fixed standards for it.  However, that’s not the case with a white paper. It is a more decent form of writing with very little graphics, those too only charts and graphs to illustrate facts and figures.


Hopefully, these differences will help you understand how it works. By now, you know how powerful a white paper is. It shouldn’t just be called a marketing tool; it should be called a weapon! What are you waiting for, now? Get your own white paper written by the best content writers at and spread the word about your business!


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