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Why B2B Content Marketing is Essential for Your Business

  • February 24, 2020

B2B content marketing has always played a very crucial part in targeting, attracting and attaining customers. However, now the traditional ways have changed into much more tactful ways. Paid advertising has been long used as a way to acquire customers. Unfortunately, with passing time the saturated markets and more options to choose from the paid advertising has lost its charm. There are even more than 615 million devices used by consumers that have ad blockers on them. This means that all the spending on the digital ads placements is going in the waste for businesses. This is because there will be zero return on ad spend.

The recent best and tested way to attract and acquire customers is content marketing. Initially, when a person hears the word, ‘content marketing’ the first thing that comes to mind are blogs, articles, and social media. But it is much more than just that. B2B Content marketing is a strategy used for long-term bases. This is done by making the content as the baseline to capture the attention of your audience. They build a relationship with the customers by improving or enhancing the engagement with the audience and eventually brand recall.

B2B Content marketing doesn’t have just one benefit to it. Marketers have seen the benefits of it throughout the sales funnel. Starting from making your business visible to your target market to building the trust of the customers; the content market helps businesses regardless of their size. The most important reason that content marketing helps businesses is that it provides value to the customers and gives something to the audience to build trust in the brand.

Size of Business

If you are an owner of a growing business, then you might have the question that would b2b content marketing helps smaller businesses?

Well, the answer is YES! It can be fair to think that big businesses have big pockets and a lot of resources to produce quality content. This helps them see a positive Return on Income (ROI) coming from it. However, you don’t need to have a ton of money to get quality b2b content marketing. There is a lot of content writing services provider that produce and generate quality content for businesses at low rates. In fact, different websites like deliver high-quality content for various local and international businesses at affordable prices.

Small or growing business owners sometimes ignore the fact that around 70% of the customers learn about a company through an article or a blog rather than an advertisement. However, it could be that when you are getting started with a business, it can be difficult to figure out what to write and how to even start with the content. Well, in such a case, you can always outsource content marketing to get the maximum benefits of it.  Doing this you can provide your audience with quality content.

A myriad of the website like the provides international and local clients with informative and quality content at affordable rates. Hiring or outsourcing providers to manage and create content helps the business to balance the resources. It also helps you get connected with the audience and target the content in a way that will help the prospects to go through the entire funnel.

Here are some of the reasons that will help you to understand why you should invest in b2b content marketing to make your business grow:

Higher Returns on Smaller Investments

Hire or outsourcing a content writing services provider to write and manage the content for you. It will be a lot cheaper as compared to other forms of advertising. b2b content marketing usually costs about 62% less than the traditional and outbound marketing channels.

Secondly, along with reducing the costs it has also been proven that content marketing generates 3x the number of leads. The leads are the main part of the traffic that contributes to the new prospects, social shares and eventually the high brand visibility.

Getting more traffic on your website shouldn’t be the sole metric to evaluate marketing success. Still, it’s very important to keep an eye on it too. If you have a growing or smaller business then a budget-friendly content marketing means getting better results! Providing targeted content that captures the attention of your target audience will eventually generate better leads for you. When the content will be personalized, targeted and will be placed in front of the right customer with the right message, it will lead to higher returns.

Promotion without Selling Yourself

Customers follow the social media pages of their favorite brands to get updates that are a form of permission marketing. Whereas interruption marketing is not welcomed by consumers now. Content marketing is a strategy that will help you to provide more value to your customers. This is a more profitable option rather than just your products or services. It will give the customers more reasons to pay attention to your brand and you will be able to capture the attention of your audience.

The most successful strategies for content marketing is to never talk about your brand. But to take a more journalistic approach to the industry and talk about the problems and solutions of your target audience. Eventually, it will increase the visits along with the unique visits and you will get traffic through referrals too.

Business Exposure to a Larger Audience

When you will provide your audience with high-quality content, it is more likely that it will get shared. Once the articles or blogs get shared, they will continue to provide more and more traffic with each month passing, at no cost at all to you. With every share, your brand and the content will be in front of the growing audience, increasing brand visibility. However, if that is compared to paid advertising the reach will be dried up as soon as the campaign stops running.

You will need to start with a strategy along with a checklist. That will help you to plan your content marketing promotion to get the best returns. For that, you could hire content writing service providers to assist you in getting it right.

Building the Trust

The attention of business owners has shifted from just the sales to the entire customer lifetime value. You will have to nurture the leads and the customers so that you can maximize their lifetime value, which starts from the time a user clicks on your website until the purchase is made again. Content marketing helps in lead nurturing and decreases the acquisition costs, which is around 50% higher with ad campaigns.

As the customers start to trust your brand, they will be more willing to share the content that you post. Not only that but they will also return for more information. With the increasing frequency of seeing and sharing the content, brand recall and engagement also increases. It has been shown by data that customers want personalized content. This way they are more likely to make a purchase when the content is something they can relate to.

Boosting SEO Visibility

Producing good quality content is good, but what if no one sees it? Your brand will not be able to compete with the larger brands that have been dominating the search landscape. Hence, that is where strategy based content comes into play. The size of the business has nothing to do with the content getting low ranks in search results. It is all about placing the right keywords accordingly to your target market and the relevance of the topic. With content writing, small or growing businesses have grabbed a large chunk of their market and the search landscape.

Always increase the engagement level and the education level for your audience. Provide various information or guides with the right keywords. Then promote it to the audience through organic or paid channels.

Create your Brand Identity

Brand perception is something that makes or breaks a business. The perception or the idea regarding your brand that a consumer has in its mind is going to take your business a long way. Consumers instantly get brands in their minds with the very first thought of a product or service. This is because they see it most often sharing content on websites or social media.

The more the customers will return to your brand for resources of information, it is more likely that they will also turn to you to make a purchase. Your brand will be serving as a reliable resource for your audience for information.

A Lead Magnet for Businesses

You will start to see a steady growth in the number of leads and traffic when you will start to produce quality content on a consistent basis. If you are able to map out your b2b content marketing strategy and are sprinkling at every stage of the buyer’s journey then your website traffic will also increase as well as sales.

The right content will always add to your customer acquisition as well as it will generate more leads for the business. For more information regarding producing quality content for your business, you can check The Write Pick.


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