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5 Examples of Creative Healthcare Content Marketing

  • Javeria Tariq
  • 9 minutes read
  • April 15, 2020

Let us admit it, we have all done this at least once in our lifetime!

Searching Google for our symptoms and be the first option for our illness ourselves. Meeting a real doctor becomes a second opinion. We dig deep down the online medicine rabbit hole to excavate the potential illness ourselves.

Simple pain in the stomach can be turned out to be as terminal cancer illness, the last stage without any cure. Yep! Internet medicine usually gives this sort of medical advice.

Due to massive digital accessibility to all, today healthcare professionals face humongous challenges.  It is a known fact that in today’s digital landscape, everyone desires to get access to information faster. This is the reason self-diagnosis and self-cure have increased more than before.

The Content Marketing Institute in 2019 confirmed that 81% of the companies today are aiming for enhanced brand awareness. Therefore, the healthcare industry has to up their content marketing game. They have to make sure true and reliable information is easily accessible. The healthcare brands must take a stand and restrict the spread of bogus information.

This duty has been fulfilled by many healthcare brands in the past and recent years. They have improved patient compliance and added value to the doctor-patient relationship. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top 5 creative examples of healthcare brands.

How they have changed the face of content marketing with innovation and leadership. This list can be a source of inspiration for upcoming healthcare marketing researchers.

Johnson & Johnson Campaign

Johnson & Johnson popularly known as J&J is an American multinational corporation. It is known for the development of medical devices, pharmaceutical goods and superior consumer packaged goods.

Campaign for Nursing Future

In 2002, experts predicted the shortage of nursing staff. They speculated that by the end of 2020 there will be a deficit in nursing staff in the U.S.

There was a dire need for pursuing people to choose the nursing profession. This inspired J&J to address this topic and advocate causing awareness. They initiated a movement named as Campaign for Nursing Future.

This was a long-running campaign that featured articles as well as training opportunities for future nurses. Podcasts and other resources were utilized to support the nursing profession. Existing nurses provided visual content to create awareness for future ones. To encourage the profession, they also provided lectures and educational stuff.

Today, Johnson & Johnson has successfully created a comprehensive resource center for this motive. They have a dedicated microsite for this cause. The site provides educational content for future nurses. They also offer scholarships for professional enhancement and development.

Due to efforts by J&J, it is estimated that by the end of 2030, the nursing workforce in the U.S. would be enough to uphold the country’s healthcare infrastructure.

Johnson & Johnson also used their official Facebook page to keep advocating for their campaign. It became and still their slogan: Supporting Nurses on the Frontlines of Care!

Philips Foundation Campaign

Established back in 2014, Philips Foundation is part of Philips Corporation. It is a multinational conglomerate corporation. This foundation is the base of all the CSR activities hold by Philips. It aims to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovation and collaboration.

Better Me, Better World Campaign

Philips Foundation initiated a campaign in 2017 named Better Me, Better World. The core aim of the campaign was to make a difference in the world with good deeds.

The initiative allowed the customers access to special benefits. It was an opportunity to support healthcare causes globally through the doorstep of the Philips Foundation.

Through the foundation, Philips tried to change the perspective towards life all over the world. They worked together with people to create greater impact everywhere. The plan of the campaign is to improve the living standards of three billion people each year until 2025.

Currently, Philips Foundation is working on five major causes:

  • Caring for at Risk Mothers and Children
  • Community Access to Essential Healthcare Resources
  • Promotion of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Healthy Lifestyle for Children
  • First Aid Services & Education

From healthcare to social responsibilities, the Better Me, Better World campaign is running successfully across the globe. Through this campaign, Philips is supporting communities that are in need of quality medical equipment. They are also supporting the primary care system for more than 75,000 pregnant women in Africa.

With technological influence, they are able to bring smiles to children with cleft palates. They are advocating for minimizing the obesity rate in childhood with the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. They are also able to feed nearly 4,400 families in crisis every year.

Cleveland Clinic

One of the leading academic medical centres, the Cleveland Clinic is based in America. It is operated by Cleveland Clinic Foundation who runs the private care system. Today, Cleveland Clinic is playing a pivotal role in the healthcare sector. It is spreading positive information to minimize the risk of crises in the medical field.

Health Essentials Blogging

One of the top healthcare destination to read reliable information is Cleveland Clinic. Its Health Essentials blogging is not focused on the promotion of any product or service. The sole aim of Cleveland Clinic’s Health Essentials is to educate the audience and promote the spread of equitable information.

The Cleveland Clinic is ranked on the 4th position on Best Hospitals List by U.S. News 2019–2020. Health Essentials is Cleveland Clinic’s digital publication.

The website has nearly 3.2 million monthly visitors! Reason? Its unbiased and educative content to avoid the spread of rumors. The site has three to five new articles posted every day.

It is possible to find answers to almost every health-related question on the Health Essentials page. You can even find content related to good hygiene etiquette. Such as Cough Etiquette: Why it’s so important.

Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials try to cover every possible topic no matter what. They offer valuable insight related to healthcare and wellness. Either it is nutrition information or a guide for parenting. Or it is advocating mental health or promoting oral hygiene.

Above are the list of topics the Health Essentials cover. Cleveland Clinic gives importance to everything. The best part is, every content on the site is informative. Each blog ensures optimized engagement as well.

Recently, the website has launched its audio content strategy named as Podcasts. These podcast series are primarily focused on crucial topics that are important for human survival. Such as breast cancer, sleeping patterns, heart-related information.

Currently, Health Essentials Podcasts cover Cardiac Consultancy, Neuro Pathways, Butts & Guts and Love your Heart series. These podcasts are recorded by medical experts who provide the best guidance to their listeners.

Mayo Clinic

Another top academic medical center of America. Mayo Clinic is a focused healthcare organization. It focuses on integrated clinical practices, research-based organization that promotes education. In 2019–2020, Mayo Clinic was ranked first by U.S. News & World Report in Best Hospitals Honor Roll category.

Sharing Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is sometimes referred to as one of the best hospitals in the world. It is famous for its healthcare content marketing strategy as well.

Undoubtedly, healthcare is a very personal topic. And sharing healthcare content is also tricky and nifty. Mayo Clinic’s Sharing Mayo Clinic overcomes this hurdle easily and brilliantly.

The Sharing blog offers readers with extensive patient information. It shares vital experiences during their illness period. How they cope up with the dilemma when there was no light left for hope. In every piece shared, you can learn an incredible patient journey. From their diagnoses to their treatment plans. Their rehabilitation experiences and how they fought back to life.

One of the most unique and incredible things is that every content shared is highly personalized. They are directly written and narrated by the hospital’s own patients. The story contributors share their own medical experiences and how they dealt with it. How it affected their mental health and how they are still coping with it.

Every piece of content caters to diverse patients. The context has a tone of personalization and authority with hope in it. It helps in motivating other patients who are suffering from the same disease or going through the same rough patch in life. For example, the site shared a 34-year-old cardiac patient’s journey towards life. Her piece shared how she felt alone and how she got the opportunity to get her life together.

Sharing Mayo Clinic also offers patient video guide content. Along with written blogs, there is visual content too to motivate patients. These video series can be viewed on their official YouTube channel as well.

Arkansas Children’s Campaign

Arkansas Children is one of the leading hospitals in America that is solely dedicated to children. They provide complete pediatric care to children in Arkansas. It is a Level I Trauma Center and attends and cares for children from birth to age 21.

100 Deadliest Days Campaign

Is it not surprising to know that kids are more likely to die or be severally injured between Memorial Day and Labor Day? This terrifying but insanely true message was shared with the world by Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Partnered with Injury Prevention Center, Arkansas Children Hospital start a campaign to save teenage children. The campaign was named 100 Deadliest Days with a trending hashtag of #100DeadliestDays.

This report was presented by Arkansas Children Hospital in 2017. The report claimed that the period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day are most dangerous. These 100 days are most likely to take the lives of people, especially teenagers.

Wounds and fatal injuries are common in these days due to various reasons. Reasons such as kids are out of schools, families are the majority of the time vacationing at this time and roads are overcrowded with people.

The report lay claim to back in 2014, during these 100 days 174 children died due to drowning. The age varied from 1 to 14 and drowning happened in common swimming pools. It is further claimed that during these days, there is a 26% chance increase in car crashes. Each year an average of 5000 people die in crashes these days.

Hence, Arkansas Children’s Hospital started this campaign to increase awareness. This campaign features a safety precaution which is a downloadable parent-teen driving agreement. Multiple articles, blogs and infographics are still shared related to firework safety. Arkansas Children Hospital is trying to minimize these fatal accidents each year and create mindfulness among the people of Arkansas.


There is no ambiguity that the healthcare sector faces more challenges than any other brand in retail or travel. But we cannot deny the fact that hurdles lead to massive opportunities. These 5 brands have shown how to market healthcare content with creativeness. By following these examples your healthcare brand can also be innovatively marketed and follow the industry guidelines.


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