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Artificial Intelligence Future of Content Marketing – What it means for Healthcare Industry

  • Javeria Tariq
  • April 20, 2020

You have probably heard someone using the words “content marketing”? Let me guess, you are not sure what it is? Don’t worry let us tell you what content marketing is all about!

Content Marketing Institute, an online resource for information has defined it.

Content Marketing is an essential marketing technique. It not just create but also distributes relevant and valuable content. It attracts and acquires a defined set of audiences with the core aim of driving profitable customers.

So what is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? We hope you have also heard about this terminology.

AI is an intelligence level demonstrated by machines. Either you are talking about the popular SIRI or chatbots, it all involves AI. Even the self-driving cars and airplanes apply the basic concept of artificial intelligence. Some science fiction even describes AI as a humanoid robot.

Artificial Intelligence covers Google’s search algorithm precisely. It also manages IBM Watson (AI program) and also the automated weapons.

AI tech is used to perform a narrow range of tasks, intellectually and logically. Today, the AI platform has evolved to incredible heights where it is now known as the future of content marketing.

Yes, you heard it right! Content marketing is now linked to this revolutionary concept. There was a time when AI had not much practical implementation but now? Now it is the leading phenomena of a whole new technological world.

Are you still stuck with the point that how AI is the future of content marketing? How it is even related? I guess it is time to explain it in detail!

Artificial Intelligence and Content Marketing – The Future!

This is the problem of our generation. We overestimate the changes that might occur in the next two years.

But we always underestimate the changes that can occur in the next ten years.

There is absolutely no doubt that businesses require content marketing strategies to up their game. But have you ever thought about how much time you spend on such marketing activities?

For example, the time spent on discovering the crucial keywords? Or planning a beneficial blog topic? Testing the landing pages? Or reviewing social media activities and optimizing the content etc.?

This is a long process and requires a lot of time to be invested. It takes days for the marketing team to come up and finalize a plan. But what if there comes a machine to help you? Minimize the time crunch? What if there is a machine that can do all of this and you can just make slight enhancements?

This is exciting to think, just imagine how thrilling it would be to implement? This all can be possible through artificial intelligence. It can lift the burden from the shoulders of the marketers. Complex activities can be sorted out easily and your business performance can be boosted.

This is true! AI simply augments and amplifies human knowledge and capabilities. The AI-powered machines will use an algorithm that can help businesses in their content marketing journey. From ideation to creation to final execution, the process can be simplified. This seamless process can yield revenues and generate potential leads with minimum human effort.

Now you understand why AI is the future of content marketing? Simply because of its algorithm and principles of making a task easier.

Healthcare Sector and Medical Content Marketing with Influx of AI

Whether you like it or not! Healthcare is a business like any other field. Every field and sector has a whole bunch of competitors and healthcare is no exception at all. To compete against competitors, businesses require a content marketing strategy. The healthcare sector also requires the same with effective planning and smart stratagem.

When developing a content marketing strategy in the healthcare business, there is a crucial area that leads to success. An efficacious healthcare marketing strategy involves artificial intelligence.

The use of AI is one of the fasted-growing phenomena in the market. Like every sector, healthcare also requires AI to power the content marketing domain and harness the profit.

AI is not just limited to robotics and automation system in the healthcare system. It is more than that and many of the marketers seen to ignore it. As a part of its prescribed process, the AI in healthcare plays an important role. It helps in the analytics of crucial and complex medical data and its compilation.

Either it is the treatment of a chronic disease or it is the risk assessment of a surgical procedure. AI helps in ways the healthcare sector cannot imagine. The artificial intelligence makes it easier to deploy procedures with accuracy and precision. It has the ability to prove as a life-saving intervention. Especially during critical patient care management.

The data compiled by AI helps marketers in many ways. Such as in understanding the treatment, its side effects, proper medications and the use of equipment.

Did you know? The national AI healthcare market is expecting to reach the highest mark of USD 6.6 billion by the end of 2021.

The metrics of AI allow healthcare businesses to glean momentous insights into the care process. It guides in diagnostics and provides treatment outcomes and also inform variability.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance the Patient Experience

Today, artificial intelligence is used as a tool to improve customer experience. AI is an essential part of the analysis and discovering ways to facilitate customers. Either it is powering the chatbot or working with a voice assistant or even driving with the help of a map. These all powered with revolutionary AI.

Just like any other sector, healthcare is also advancing towards AI to enhance their patients’ experience. Currently, in the healthcare vertical, artificial intelligence is being used in many ways. It has improved the diagnostic process and has also reduced errors to a greater extent. It guides in the research of new and improved medications as well.

When it comes to clinical trials, AI is a perfect partner to sort out the right patients. While streamlining the healthcare process, AI also enhances health data. Not just the patients but of the hospitals and the medical team as well.

Healthcare marketers believe in the power of artificial intelligence. They believe they can drive a phenomenal and personalized patient experience with it. AI is working as a commanding influence to provide information with accuracy and precision.

Leading Ways Artificial Intelligence is Improving Healthcare Content Marketing

Artificial intelligence has been a major topic of discussion for the past few years. It promises time saving and cost-effective solutions that healthcare providers can capitalize on.

80% of healthcare organizations all over the world have already implemented some form of AI.

91% of the organizations claim they still face some barriers in adoption.

Why? In spite of all the eagerness around the AI, there are still some people who are not comfortable with the technology. But the reality is that AI can be complex as well as simple! There are hundreds of AI-powered solutions that are fully customized. It is better late than never to get started.

Marketers believe that AI content marketing is more impactful as compared to anything else. Hence we are going to discuss the top 3 artificial intelligence uses in healthcare content marketing.

Optimizing the Content for Professional SEO

What is the nightmare of the content marketers? It is investing time, money and energy on the content with failure in producing the result. In today’s world, it is crucial and complex to improve the reach of every piece of content.

Hence, with the influx of AI, optimization of length content can be made possible. The manual process requires a good amount of time. While the automated AI process takes less time and produces a better result. 93% of the online experiences initiate from the search engine. Therefore staying on top is the number one priority of every brand.

How to Get Help from AI?

Use optimization tools powered by artificial intelligence. These tools can guide in several ways. From creating, editing and then optimizing the content across multiple channels. AI allowed the usage of different algorithms. It can analyze the text in real-time to ascertain the performance of the content later.

With a defined target market and audience, improvements can be made instantly. The algorithms can also analyze the previously published content. It can be used to suggest better ideas with an enhanced engagement ratio.2

Creation of Better Content As Compared to Competitors

47% of the buyers are found to get engaged with at least 3-5 pieces of content. After this, they will engage with any sales representative.

This clarifies that content is key to build trust and become a credible source. Undoubtedly it will always be a challenge to stay on top of the game. Especially when 80% of the content creators are doing the same.

Hence with limited resources, it is necessary to manage everything effectively and smartly. To deliver reliable value and drive phenomenal traffic it is important to work on keywords. These keywords can optimize your content as per the target audience’s needs and wants.

It will be illogical to lose a potential patient by not being able to deliver quality stuff. Hence there are many tools that can prove as beneficial to strategize and optimize the content.

How to Get Help from AI?

AI has the ability to take content optimization to an entirely new level. It will not just analyze your content for you to up your game. But it will also analyze thousands of other pieces of competitors’ content. The artificial intellectual algorithm can offer various unique topics, keywords, and relevant suggestions. This will lead to a better quality of content with enhanced patient satisfaction.

Boosting the Sales Using Unique Content Marketing Ideas for Healthcare

The marketing team is often assigned to collateral the sales team. To guide them with potential customers, finalize on the sales funnel and close a deal to win over competitors. Designing brochures, eBooks and build case studies to build a relationship of trust. But this all takes time and is often frustrating.

70% of the content usually goes unused and the efforts behind it are wasted!

In sales, the content is needed to be refreshing and captivating. If it is not, there are genuine chances of failure of attraction. It usually happens due to a lack of communication and understanding of the content.

How to cope up? Simply by hosting the content meeting and creating a feedback loop to ensure proper communication. Both the parties i.e. sales and marketing team must be on the same page.

How to Get Help from AI?

Artificial intelligence is phenomenal and can help in boosting sales as well. With AI-powered tools, there can be a platform designed for the salespersons. From there they can discover the crucial content and know-how to close the deal effectively. The algorithms can analyze the structure and help in the sales funnel. They can also highlight the content that has to be prioritized above all.

Places Where Healthcare AI is Evolving

There are five places in the healthcare sector where the use of artificial intelligence is changing the dynamics of patient care. It is proving as a helping hand and saving lives with medical professionals.

Maintenance of Medical Records and Data Management

In the existing healthcare system, the AI is doing multiple tasks to streamless the process. From the collection of data to its swift data storage to tracing data lineage, the AI has revolutionized everything.

Google launched Google Health in 2008. It created a repository of maintaining health records and managing healthcare data. The aim was to connect the healthcare providers together. In 2019 it joined hands with Deepmind Health Project. Now both are working together to mine the data of medical and patient records. By using AI to store data they can provide faster health service.

Precision Medicine – The Frontier for AI

AI has a phenomenal influence on genetics as well as genomics. With the help of AI deep genomics can aim at identifying different medical patterns. Genetic information and medical data can be conceived through it that can help in linking with the found disease.

Scientists are now inventing new ways of generating computational technologies. It aims to guide the doctors in DNA genetic variation. Especially when natural or therapeutic changes occur in the human cell.


Multiple healthcare facilities in China are now using an AI-based solution. The latest AI solution is being used to detect abnormal thyroid nodules. The devices are using Intel’s latest technology to screen thyroid abnormalities that lead to cancer.

AI in Drug Discovery

The development of pharmaceutical drugs using clinical trials takes a lot of time. Sometimes more than a decade! It even costs billions of dollars and a hell lot of effort. To make things cost-effective, artificial intelligence has been introduced in this area as well. With its power, now analysis of drugs that used to take years can be completed in months.

Atomwise is a drug discovery business that is using artificial intelligence as its main tool. It uses the supercomputers that use the database of the molecular structures. In 2015, they redesigned treatment for the Ebola virus. Using the AI-powered tools they completed the analysis of the new drug in less than a day. Typically it would have taken at least 9 months to a year to complete the analysis manually.

Advancement in the Patient Care

Artificial intelligence can organize medical routines for the patient in no time. It can set a treatment plan for them remotely with ease. Some devices and applications are using the AI algorithm today. These devices can provide data directly to physicians gathered from patients. This data can help in making genuine decisions on time with minimum effort.

The AiCure application is an AI-powered app supported by NIH. The app used a smartphone’s webcam and the AI can independently check patient status. It helps in monitoring the patient adherence level to medication as well.

Virtual Assistants in Healthcare

The latest AI technologies are finally able to minimize the distances. Now the patients and their caregivers can interact virtually. It is enhancing the interaction between both to increase consumer experience and satisfaction. Many hospitals are using AI-powered nurses in this modern age. These smart apps are saving nearly 20% of unnecessary hospital visits. has developed Molly, the world’s first virtual nurse. The nurse has a smiling approachable face with a pleasant voice. It helps in monitoring the conditions of the patients virtually. Molly can provide customized follow-up with patients, especially those with chronic diseases.

Artificial Intelligence as a Useful Tool for Healthcare Content Providers

35% of American hospitals are going to adopt AI-powered technologies in the next five years.
The study from HIMSS Analytics has recently proven it..

This confirms that AI can work independently and together to smoothen the healthcare process. It can effectively enhance the content strategy of the sector resulting in phenomenal sales. It can provide fail-safe procedures and business plans.

With artificial intelligence, the world of healthcare content marketing can be improved. The healthcare content providers must use the assistance to boost the reputation and of their businesses.


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