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Healthcare Content Strategy – The Fails & Rectifications to Boost Sales & Generate Leads

  • Javeria Tariq
  • April 23, 2020

Healthcare is a competitive industry like every other sector. It requires immense efforts to obtain leads and nurture them into successful clients. There was a time when healthcare focused on traditional style marketing. Now it is 2020 and we all got to play online!

Today, patients go online to search for their medical symptoms. They diagnose themselves first before booking an appointment with a physical doctor. In such a stance, it is vital to develop a robust lead generation strategy to boost sales. To reach such a height, content generation is vital.

A robust healthcare marketing campaign starts with content strategizing. Without it, reaching the target audience with consistency is impossible. Leads cannot be turned into profitable gains and sales will block away.

The majority of healthcare organizations have finally started to turn towards content creation. Initiatives are taken in the face of the engaging content website with blogs, video, podcast and social media.

Conversely, the healthcare niche is unique from all the other sectors. From the privacy of the patient to consideration of industry-specific regulations. Healthcare marketers have to work harder than in any other sector. Why? Due to immense pressure, unique methodology and ethical concerns.

In such a stance, marketers commit some serious mistakes that directly affect the sales and business of a healthcare organization. This can cost the reputation of the brand and a question mark on its credibility. It is necessary to know the failures marketers make in this niche to avoid it later on.

Common Mistakes Made By Marketers in Healthcare Content

Here are the top 6 mistakes committed by marketers in online healthcare content marketing. If these mistakes can be avoided then there are higher chances of marketing success.

Failure towards Adequate Planning

“If you are failing to plan this ultimately means you are indeed planning to fail” by Benjamin Franklin

This quote is 100% relatable to the healthcare industry. The majority of the time the marketers blindly start advertising without any strategic plan in mind. Without planning goals and objectives, it is nearly impossible to pull out a successful marketing campaign. Healthcare content strategy must be well researched and prominent enough to start with.

It is important to take time before devising a plan. First focus on the target market you desire to touch. Without research and analysis, advertising can never be futile. Aimlessly pushing content in all directions leads to disastrous events. Focus on what type of content the patient wants not on what you want to share.

CEO and Co-Founder of Patch, Rachel Soper Sanders shared her view in this stance.

According to her “writing healthcare content without focusing on the types of questions patients are seeking is a flop.

Introducing content with the aim of educating patients and creating awareness leads to success.

They seek answers to their problems, not interested in your mere advertising stuff

Failure of Being Consistent

Do you know what can be a major turnoff to gain prospective patients? The inability to stay consistent in online marketing efforts. Either posting infrequently or frequently or not at all, without being consistent there is no way around.

In the healthcare content strategy, it is necessary to follow a balanced frequency. Especially posting on social media platforms require a genuine balance.

Facebook is a low volume network. Therefore posting once or twice on the platform is perfect.

On the other hand, Twitter is a high volume platform. The posting rate must be at least 5 times a day.

Without being consistent, it can be a vague dream to run a successful healthcare content campaign.

Tack Media CEO, Kevin Tash talks about the inconsistency of content in a presentation. As per him, “inconsistency is the biggest mistake of the healthcare companies. Without scheduled well-thought content reaching to the potential patients is not possible.”

Failure of Immense Exaggeration

Undoubtedly the objective of sales marketing is to drive sales. But with advertising strategies solely focused on self-promotion with push patients away!

It is completely fine to advocate your healthcare practice. But it is also necessary to share valuable information that can benefit the patient. The actual purpose of healthcare marketing is not simply generating leads and sales. It is more about gaining trust and be a credible source.

Healthcare organizations that fail in providing patients with adequate information push patients away. Without proving your value and gaining trust success is not possible. Provide solutions to the concerns of the patients to be prominent in the industry.

Failure of Communication

In the healthcare sector, communication is the number one priority patients seek from their doctors. These healthcare organizations are good at communication when meeting face-to-face. But they lack it when it comes to online interaction.

Organizations are always fearful to communicate. They are bad at interacting with the potential or existing patients on social media. Reason? Either violating any HIPAA regulation or anxiety of receiving negative reviews. For these reasons, they avoid communicating online on any social media platform.

Pushing out content via social media is not enough. They need to answer queries and concerns online as well. This leads to failure in building trust and making your brand credible in the eyes of the patients.

Failure in Content Optimization

What is the quintessential element of digital marketing? Authentic content optimization! It is agreeable that understanding the ins and outs of SEO is literally an extensive process. A good SEO strategy will always help you in promoting your website. This will lead to receiving increased site traffic.

The science of SEO is simple but strategic. Where the failure comes is when healthcare organizations are not able to pick a specific keyword. Without research, it is not possible to find out the right keyword for your content. With a lack of research, the optimization will be a failure.

Even bombarding the content with a keyword is also useless. This is Google bombing. Google algorithm quickly analyze it and rejects the content from being ranked.

Google bombing is when organizations try to rank a website or a page using a specific keyword by exploiting the algorithm of Google.

It is artificially adding keywords and backlinks to the content.

Failure to Scrutinize

There is no order to what strategies you can apply for the marketing of your content. But be sure to track the results of the campaign and analyze the data achieved from it.

There are two failures associated with content scrutiny and analysis. Either the healthcare organization will run the content marketing campaign but will fail to analyze it. They believe it as a waste of time as either they are ignorant or completely overconfident.

The second reason for failure can be the same marketing campaign again and again. The healthcare organization has analyzed a campaign that produced phenomenal results. Now they are going to use that strategy, again and again, believing it will bring the same result.

Remember Google algorithms keep on changing. You need to keep analyzing the data every time you run your content marketing campaign.

Boost Your Sales and Generate Leads with Successful Medical Content Marketing is a digital and educational consultant for the hospitals. They believe that healthcare marketing is a technical task. It is beneficial for both the patients and the provider. But the healthcare organizations lack in it.

Without online content marketing, it is not possible to achieve higher levels of sales. With increased traffic on your website, you can generate actual leads. Word-of-mouth and referrals will never take you a long way. It is necessary to focus on the healthcare content strategy to up your game. Your competitors are already changing their game plan, then what are you waiting for?

Healthcare Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales

You need to top up your game if you wish to thrive selling in the healthcare industry. Here are the top tips to guide you to bring healthcare-related customers and generate exceptional sales.

Tip # 1: Stay Focused on Genuine Content Marketing

The dynamics of content in healthcare is entirely different. Generating flashier, short blog and articles are of no use. In this sector, you are required to write detailed blogs, whitepapers and case studies. Make sure your content provides a solution to their problems. It must motivate them to come to your hospital physically.

“Try to be a thought leader to grab more attention of the readers. This will boost your sales

Tip # 2: Do Whatever It Takes to Build Trust

In this sector, customers are not just putting their money in front of you. They are risking their lives. Hence it must be your priority to build a relationship of trust and transparency with them.  90% of patients prefer those hospitals that have a higher reputation.

Tip # 3: Understand Your Customers

Healthcare is not just a business to generate sales and spike revenues. It is a tender sector that involves sympathy, compassion and kindness. An ailing person needs empathy from you. Thus respect them, provide them with genuine information and stay professional. This leads to patient loyalty ultimately increasing sales.

Tip # 4: Audit Your Front Desk’s Response

Even with the best healthcare marketing strategy, your sales can decline. Reason? The inability of your front desk to handle the calls and patients simultaneously. If you desire a phenomenal hike in sales, make sure your front desk is active and responsive.

Tip # 5: Review is the Boss

If there are reviews regarding your services, medical equipment, doctors, etc. This will help in attracting more patients and making more revenue. Make sure your services are phenomenal that the patients are bound to leave constructive reviews.

Lead Generation Tips for Healthcare Content Providers

Here are the top effectual strategies that can help in improving the lead generation process. Be sure to nurture the leads with efficient stratagem.

Tip # 1: Impactful Landing Page

How to make the visitors of your site stay and explore? This can be done by creating an engaging and creative landing page. If your landing page is having all the necessary information a potential patient is seeking, they are likely to stay and leave a successful lead. Creative landing pages generate 98% more leads.

Tip # 2: Up Your Social Media Game

Today social media is a legitimate lead-generation channel. LinkedIn Sponsored Ads, Facebook advertising and Twitter cards are changing the game plan. Social media promotion in the healthcare sector is driving exceptional sales. Receive targeted traffic to your site from these platforms. Organic and paid campaigns on social media can help in generating the best leads. 55% of potential patients land on healthcare websites through social media.

Tip # 3: Thought-Provoking Blogs & Whitepapers

85% of the marketers agree blogs help in lead generation. Through blogs, you will share not just content but also create brand awareness. Aim for relatable healthcare blogs and whitepapers to which the audience feels directly addressed. This can boost their confidence in you and increase trust.

Tip # 4: Ensure Unmatched Services

If you are providing unmatched healthcare services that are patient-centric than you can generate exceptional leads? How? Through word-of-mouth, referrals and reviews by existing or previous patients. People believe in these sources more than anything else.

Tip # 5: Video Marketing is the Next Cool

Businesses are now moving towards visual representation more than written material. Promote your brand using engaging and creative video content. Provide information regarding existing health crises with a panel of doctors in a video. Observe how fast you will be receiving traffic on your website.

Wrapping Up!

Healthcare content marketing requires immense strategizing efforts. There can be failures and there can be a success. Never get demotivated if you fail as with more research you can be successful. Keep on rectifying your mistakes so that you can generate exceptional leads than can be nurtured into profitable sales.


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