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Healthcare Content Strategy: Why SEO is Crucial?

  • Javeria Tariq
  • April 15, 2020

There was once a time when doctors, physicians, pediatricians, etc. used to wait for a patient to come themselves. Sitting idly in the office, expecting a patient magically appear on the doorstep.

Yeah, this was acceptable in the 20th century and there was nothing much to change it. But hello! This is the 21st century and we are already in 2020.

A few years back, the world received a beautiful and powerful tool named as Search Engines. Online search engines that can help in reaching out to any potential customer in minimal time. These search engines came with a revolutionizing process which is famously known as SEO.

Relation of the healthcare sector with SEO? The healthcare business is swarming with competitors and it is beyond the shadow of a doubt. It is an inevitable challenge to stand out. Hence it is important to have a competitive edge.

To get that competitive advantage, it is crucial to develop a robust content marketing strategy. And this strategy is only lead by professional SEO based content. It is also supported by genuine reputation management techniques.

Don’t forget, content optimization is a ray of hope in the highly saturated market. It is an opportunity to increase traffic to a website. Compelling and cutting edge content can only help businesses in this. But what is and how does SEO works when it comes to healthcare? We are about to find that.

Importance of SEO in the Healthcare Sector

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that can increase the quality as well as quantity of traffic a website receives. It helps in optimizing a website – to be easily found on top search suggestions on Google and Bing. So if you belong to cardiothoracic surgery, someone types ‘heart surgeon near me’ can easily locate you.

Several proven healthcare SEO techniques will always guide you in reaching to the top. SEO is primarily all about keyword optimization. It is an important factor that helps content to rank top on the search engine.

A Keyword is a word that simply has a higher impact and significance on the content.

Keyword Optimization (also known as Keyword Research) is a unique process. It comprises of researching, analyzing and selecting the best possible word (keyword). Keyword optimization targets specific customers to drive traffic and sales.

But it is a myth that SEO is just about usage of a keyword several times in the content. This is known as keyword stuffing. Repeatedly using a keyword in your content with no reference at all. This is a past thing and now algorithms have changed entirely. Now Google cares more about readable, natural keywords in informative content.

SEO is a lot more than simple keyword optimization. It involves wisely targeted content with natural keyword usage. Optimized URLs for every individual page of a website. Proper usage of backlinks from other websites. Consistent quality content with highly optimized title tags and image tags etc.

SEO and keyword optimization are clear. Now, why is it important in the healthcare sector? The answer is simple! In this digital age, the majority of the people are using internet services to gather healthcare information. Recently, the Pew Research Center has confirmed that 1 out of 3 American adults are using the internet to sort out their medical-related queries.

As per the latest trends, now patients are also using the internet to book an appointment with the doctors. People are relying on the information gathered online that influence their spending decision on medical services. Therefore, there is a need for authentic and genuine content for the healthcare sector online.

The health content available online helps patients build their trust. It enhances the image of a healthcare service provides as credible. A crystal clear healthcare content copy can create a personalized trustworthy relationship with potential patients. The more they trust the more chances of content to be visible in top searches.

Healthcare Content Strategies to Work On

Here are some content marketing strategies for your healthcare business that can help you in the long run.

Optimization and Usage of Relevant Keywords

When it comes to the healthcare industry, who is your basic competition? Someone who has the same profession as that of yours. You might be a neurosurgeon whereas someone you know also belongs to the same field. How to distinguish yourself from them? Only a good online presence that is properly optimized for search can do it.

The best way to optimize your healthcare site is by using exact and predictable keywords. These keywords help Google in knowing what your website is about. It is advised to create a list of keywords before writing the content. Try to evaluate the answers to the questions your patients might be looking for.

To add convenience, Google offers a keyword planner that shares the analytics against the keyword along with its validation.

Genuine Content Marketing Strategy

Creating content by using platforms such as blogs, journals and articles is a common practice in the healthcare niche. Through these, people repeatedly visit the website. The creation of engaging, informative and educational content is discernibly the essential part. But optimizing it can lead to more successful website clicks.

Emphasis only on written content is talk of old times. Now genuine content can be shared in various forms such as videos, slideshows or podcasts. In these scenarios, the titles and descriptions can be fully optimized. No matter what, wherever and whenever you are writing something, make sure it is of high quality. Compromised quality images or videos or even content affects marketing strategy.

Always Remember: Keywords can just enhance the after results. It can never be a substitute for a quality content copy.

Encouraging online reviews is also a great strategy for content marketing. Through these reviews, potential patients can analyze the experience of previous patients.

Where there is a space for review, there will be positive as well as negative reviews and feedbacks. How to combat negative comments? We will cover the answer to this million-dollar question later in the blog.

The above examples are podcasts from Cleveland Clinic. In both examples, the titles and descriptions used commonly searched keywords. By using the top keywords in their content, Cleveland Clinic can easily route traffic. They are providing written content with listening content (podcast) to raise awareness.

Complete Website Optimization

Website optimization is a whole science that has to be monitored every day. It is not difficult but if not monitored on time, it can lead to disastrous outcomes. There are a few things that have to be administered to ensure phenomenal website optimization.

First of all, include a sitemap to your healthcare website. A sitemap aims to give the search engines a complete map of how your site structure looks like. Secondly, don’t forget to optimize your site for mobile devices.

It is confirmed through various researches that many of the medical-related searches are initiated through a phone. If your site is lacking mobile device compatibility, undoubtedly you are losing a massive chunk of audience. Now Google has also made it an essential part of site ranking.

Thirdly, for proper website optimization work on metadata and backlinks. These can improve your website performance and bring a great amount of traffic. This is not too technical and difficult to understand. But many fail in it due to lack of expertise. If you find it too technical for you, reach out to us. The Write Pick offers genuine website optimization services with the specialty.

The above example is of ZocDoc which is an online medical care appointment booking service. Their website and mobile version are the same and fully optimized and scalable.

Social Media as a Marketing Tool

An active social media account can be a fruitful benefit for any healthcare content marketing strategy. When patients search for a healthcare organization, they go beyond the predictable. Instead of visiting the website, they land on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter pages.

Hence making your website only appealing can never be the part of a truthful strategy. Your social media platforms must also be impressive as same as the website. For a profitable SEO and content marketing result, being active on social media platforms is crucial. Create amazing content on your website and use social handles to spread it among the masses. For the healthcare niche, this can be the most beneficial among all.

Novartis and American Medical Association are two renowned healthcare organizations. Novartis has 64.6k followers on its official Instagram page. Whereas AMA has 718.5k followers on its official Twitter page. This indicates how well both companies are utilizing social media platforms to reach out to their potential patients.

Suppressing Negative Reviews in Healthcare Sector

We have already discussed in genuine content marketing strategy that positive reviews are essential for a healthcare website. But there will be times when you receive negative reviews and feedback on your site.

You cannot request someone to remove their criticism from your website. Even legal threats don’t work when it comes to social media. It is imprudent to attack a hater on your official posts. This will only add fuel to fire than may result in complete chaos. Then what to do?

Take the criticism and negative complaints in a positive manner.

Do you know? Content marketing is one of the most reliable strategies that pay off well. When such a scenario arises, suppress the unfairly biased judgments.

How? Simply by ranking your optimistic and constructive content higher in SERPS. Here again, SEO plays an important part in the survival of your healthcare website.

Create an enormous amount of progressive and irrefutable optimized content through PR and campaigns. This will enhance your online reputation and ranking as well. Thus the burden the negative feedback may be left on your reputation can be diminished with assertive online campaigns.

In a Nut Shell

It is vital to remember that SEO is definitely a long-term plan. It will be immature to expect immediate results from it. The result won’t be instantaneous but will be certainly lasting. Don’t forget to regularly update your keyword list. Keep your website optimized as per new keywords.

This is for sure! With proper time management and investment along with genius SEO strategy, your healthcare company can prosper. Healthcare content strategy needs SEO and without it, there is no tomorrow.


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