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How to Create an Effective Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy

  • Javeria Tariq
  • 15 minutes read
  • May 12, 2020

The healthcare consumers of the past were different and they had different needs. But now this is the 21st century and we are part of 2020! Today, both patients and healthcare professionals have different needs. With the influx of the internet, both of them are able to do extensive research online.

Every 8 out of 10 people use the search engine as their first source for health information. Thus nothing is hidden anymore, neither from the patient nor from the healthcare professionals. It is necessary to build a content marketing strategy by following the essential tactics. Aim to educate your target audience, instead of just marketing your product or service.

Healthcare organizations are genuine health and well-being provider. They are not sales organization that has to meet sales target. Though without sales and profits a business cannot run. But the point is the healthcare sector is delicate and needs a different strategy. It revolves around empathy, kindness and benevolence.

An effective healthcare content marketing strategy must be to educate potential patients. The content must be engaging, enlightening and relevant to the target audience.

The majority of the pharmaceuticals, hospitals and medical device companies are already investing in content marketing. But don’t forget there is always room for correction, innovation and differentiation. Reach to the top of your healthcare niche with sophisticated and intellectual marketing tactics. Enhance your marketing program and develop robust content marketing strategies to be highlighted in the crowd.

Let us cover the basics first for an effective healthcare content marketing strategy. The healthcare organization must be aware of the tactics. Procedures for using content in their healthcare marketing plan.

Using Content for Effectual Medical Content Marketing

What is the first and foremost principle of making an effective content marketing strategy? To understand what content has to be shared and how.

Patients reach out to online platforms first hand to know their disease with the symptoms they are facing. After this, they reach doctors and meet them physically.

Online forums are the leading cause of misdiagnosis, but still, people prefer it initially. Feeling nauseous with heartburn can be easily diagnosed as a severe heart attack. In reality, it was a simple condition known as acid reflux! Hence now it is important more than before to come up with genuine content for your healthcare brand. Providing authentic information can bring you, patients. Reading you might have cancer or a heart attack will frighten them, not bring them to you. In such a stance it is necessary to come up with useful information only. confirms this research! Online reputation management of the brand is necessary, especially in the healthcare sector. This can be achieved with captivating content on the site and incredible patient care.

How to use content like a champion to up your healthcare game? Well, there are 7 proven strategies that can make your hunt easy!

  1. Make sure to use attractive, appealing and informative landing pages. Remember, the first impression over the visitor is the impression that lasts forever.
  2. Engaging blog posts that can provide a solution to the readers. If your blog posts are informative than there are 72% chances the potential patient will book an online appointment.
  3. Motivational case studies increase the reputation bar of the healthcare brand instantly. Using genuine case studies of patients who after being treated leading a successful life can motivate the readers to visit you.
  4. Infuse a refreshing perspective with infographics. A visual representation is more effective than written communication in the majority of the ways.
  5. Using videos to attract more potential patients. Why video? Because people spend the majority of the day watching videos. It is a modern tool to spread awareness.
  6. Checklists and listicles to build up confidence in your readers. These step by step information can build the highest level of trust.
  7. Glossary content to make sure readers understand everything they are reading. Healthcare specific words are difficult to understand so use the glossary to make it easy!

For detailed explanations with examples and stories, read 7 Ways to Use Content in Healthcare Marketing today!

Watch Out for the Content Failures!

Once you know how to write a piece of content successfully, it is time to look for ideas on how to boost sales and generate leads. Sadly, a simple misjudgment can lead to content marketing failure.

You must be wondering what errors can lead to absolute failure? Here are the top 6 failures in a content marketing strategy.

But don’t worry we will also tell you how to generate leads and boost sales. We are not letting you hanging in ambiguity!

  1. The first failure is the lack of adequate planning. Without planning and strategizing, jumping to implement a thought simply leads to absolute failure.
  2. Then there is the failure of being consistent on different social media platforms. Without consistent marketing efforts especially on social media is the biggest hinder in converting your organization into a brand.
  3. Extreme exaggeration is another failure. If you as a healthcare brand promises way too much and not able to deliver it? Yeah, this sounds like a nightmare for your brand reputation.
  4. Lack of communication is also a failure in marketing strategy. Without communication with patients, how can you even think to succeed?
  5. Lack of content optimization. This failure comes when you are not able to devise a useful SEO strategy. Result? No traffic and no leads to nurture. Sales going Zero!
  6. Failure to analyze content marketing campaigns. Now c’mon how are you supposed to know if your campaign worked or not? Without genuine analysis, you will remain in absolute darkness.

Now let us talk about boosting sales and generating leads. For higher sales, make sure:

  • You stay focused
  • Build trust
  • Understand the customers
  • Enhance front desk operations
  • Keeping reviewing the efforts

For generation excellent leads, you need to:

  • Have impactful landing pages
  • Phenomenal social media presence
  • Helpful blog writing
  • Incredible patient care services
  • Video marketing

For detailed analysis read Healthcare Content Strategy – The Fails & Rectifications to Boost Sales & Generate Leads.

Content Optimization is a Game Changer for Healthcare Content Providers

We just talked that a lack of content optimization is a part of content marketing strategy failure. Let us talk about it in detail now.

This is confirmed research analysis by Pew Research Center. This indicates the need for genuine information on the internet. We already discussed that acid reflux being misdiagnosed as heart failure is a cause of the unavailability of information online. It means you need to capitalize on your content to make sure patients are getting relevant information.

How to reach patients with authentic information? Simply by Search Engine Optimization. By using correct keywords in your content to help it rank on the search engine. So that when someone searches for a symptom of heartburn, your site can come on top to provide the correct answer. Answer that it may be acid reflux and not some cardiac arrest.

Here are some quick strategies to work on for better SEO:

  • Use relevant keywords in your content only
  • Have a well-planned content marketing strategy
  • Complete website optimization must be a priority
  • Use social media as an essential marketing tool

Interested to dig in detail? Read Healthcare Content Strategy: Why SEO is Crucial? It has complete detailed information.

Combat the Challenges for Effective Healthcare Content Marketing

Every sector has some crucial challenges. But when it comes to the healthcare sector, the graph of challenges is high. It is a delicate industry that requires kindness. Feeling of sympathy and a tender heart to feel the pain of others. In such a stance, there come numerous concerns that ought to be mastered. Concerns such as patient privacy, commitment, reputation management, etc.

The challenges are difficult to overcome, but are they impossible to oppressed? Certainly not! So here are the top challenges the healthcare sector faces and how it affects the content marketing process.

  1. Limitations set by HIPAA. They don’t allow sharing the details of patients at any cost. Similarly, they limit Google AdWords and PPC campaigns. Retargeting old visitors are not possible, unlike other sectors.
  2. Fighting against the public perception about healthcare organizations. Many simply believe that if they visit a hospital they will be billed enormously unnecessarily for simpler things.
  3. The tight marketing budget is also a challenge. With less or no budget allocated to content marketing, it is nearly impossible to promote the business.
  4. Resistance to change is also a challenge. Majority of the time the physicians and doctors are not able to agree with the hospital administration. This conflict of interest leads to a rise in problems.
  5. Neglecting the power of reviews. This challenge intensifies when a hospital receives a negative review. Healthcare organizations are not able to harness the power properly, to their advantage.
  6. Market segmentation is also a challenge that needs to be addressed. Without knowing who the direct customers are, content marketing is useless.
  7. No time to manage marketing. This challenge comes when marketers are not getting enough time to manage marketing campaigns. It slows down sales and affects the lead generation process.

For solutions to these challenges, head to How to Solve Content Marketing Challenges of your Healthcare Setup for complete analysis.

Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Pew Internet & American Life Project confirms this in their latest report regarding digital marketing in the healthcare sector. Today, the world is fast pacing and everything is turning into the digital domain. Even though there are certain restrictions imposed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But it is necessary to fight against the odds and continue with the best possible marketing efforts.

Let us discuss some exceptional healthcare digital marketing plans that produce results. Yeah even with the limitations set, there is always a chance to excel. All you need to do is find a way!

Firstly, for a perfect digital marketing plan make sure your website is decent, appealing and rich with features. If a potential patient desire to book an appointment, the option must be in clear view. Don’t make simple things technical.

Then there must be educational and informative blogs. Blogs help in engaging the audience. If the potential patient finds answers to problems they are seeking, there is an 80% chance they will leave a lead.

Never ever underestimate the power of content optimization. SEO plays a crucial role in ranking your web content on top of the search engine. Without a good SEO strategy, there will never be good traffic on your site.

Educating videos also play a vital role in the success of a marketing plan. Visual information acts fast in the brain. 80% of times conversion rates improve due to video content.

Social media strategy must always be on top of the game. Be consistent with your social postings. Make a habit of interacting with your audience through comments and direct messages on your official pages.

You can also use email marketing as your digital marketing strategy. It helps in creating a personalized relation with your potential patient. This leads to more connections and ultimate prospective sales.

For a detailed marketing plan ideation with examples, read 6 Aspects of a Result-Oriented Healthcare Digital Marketing Plan.

Creative Healthcare Marketing Ideas

There are many healthcare organizations that have fought against the odds. Initially, they tried to evaluate how to manage content writing for the healthcare sector. Then they tried to boost their sales and generate leads without falling in traps. They never underestimated the power of SEO in the healthcare industry. They have overcome every single challenge the industry threw at them.

Result? Successful healthcare content marketing in creative ways never thought before. Brands such as Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Philips Foundation, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic and Arkansas Children Hospital are leading examples. They fought against every odd and appeared as the strongest healthcare brands.

5 Examples of Creative Healthcare Content Marketing is all about these brands and their success.

Capitalizing on Healthcare Story

It is a long journey till here. Once you have accomplished a name in the industry. Now it is time for some innovations and groundbreaking inventions. But how are you supposed to make those stories even get noticed?

Well, first of all, make sure you have innovation in the leading fields of healthcare. If you have a leading-edge innovation in the field of digital or artificial intelligence than your story is worth. The remote care system is also a new field for innovative idea creations and the launch of medical devices. If there is a new connected care app or system then it is also worth noticing. Using help from big data is also a premium choice.

Once you have made some cutting-edge ideas in these fields time to move on. Shift focuses on marketing the innovation and making everyone aware of it. How? By using different media channels and consumer media resources. Media channels are magazines and journals. Whereas consumer media resources are different websites that are renowned.

It is also recommended to use leading experts as a part of your innovation. They can talk about your invention and its usage. This is using opinion leaders to make a way for your healthcare brand.

To know more about healthcare technologies and how it can be discerned by all, please read How to Get Your Healthcare Technology Story Noticed.

Content Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

The revolution of Artificial Intelligence is that it made machines smarter and cleverer. Just imagine using such a power in the content marketing of your healthcare brand.

AI has given robots to make medical procedures accurate and precise than before. It has provided us with an automated healthcare system that helps in saving lives quicker than earlier. With chatbots, the patient online inquiry system has also been exceptionally modified. When patient experience is enhanced, their level of trust also increases.

With Artificial Intelligence, today the healthcare industry is getting all sorts of guidance. From regulation in professional SEO management to the creation of better content as compared to the competitor. It is advising in the enhancement of the sales and generation of leads.

Undoubtedly AI has revolutionized the healthcare sector with perfection. Artificial Intelligence Future of Content Marketing – What it means for the Healthcare Industry is all about its utility in the healthcare sector.

Tying It All Together

Creating an effective healthcare content marketing strategy is not easy. It requires a lot of effort and patience.

Patience is a great virtue. It is the key to success

By following these strategies you can make your brand highlighted among the rest. There are always risk associated with every sector. The healthcare industry is no exception at all. Some risks are worth taking. With these risks, you can generate more sales and drive fruitful traffic to your site.

And don’t forget, quality and consistency are the factors that help in the success of the healthcare sector.


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