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How to Get Your Healthcare Technology Story Noticed

  • Javeria Tariq
  • April 15, 2020

For a decade, the digital revolution of the healthcare sector is impacting the lives of billions of people. There is no nebulousness that this digital technological transformation may halt somewhere in this decade.

After all, there has been an immense announcement for the healthcare sector. Recently £200 million worth of funding for healthcare digital technologies has been approved.

This is quite impressive, but where does this leave you as a healthcare technology provider?

To begin with, this can be an exciting opportunity to get full fledge media coverage. Then you can get the chance to harness new connections in the industry.

But this is all possible only when you come up with advanced technology. New technological revolutions become part of the story and later convert into legacy.

Capitalizing on Technology PR Strategy for Inventive Healthcare Marketing

To get your technological innovation story out, you need to focus on your PR strategy. The PR game must be top class to generate a pool of intrigued audiences.

The healthcare technology business is highly dependent on the ability of content creation. Use the online site medium as a tool to deliver the story and approach to maximum people and the desired audience.

To capitalize on the healthcare technology PR, have a broad spectrum of the communication campaign. Engage with marketers and influencers to create an impact. Make a personal level of emotional relationship with them. Just don’t undermine the policies and peer-to-peer references. These are the ultimate weapons that resonate with the people.

Weave the Leading Healthcare Technologies in Your Story

The core aim is to get your healthcare technology story noticed. Is it that easy? Sorry for the disappointment, but no!

There are 5 chief technological trends that have a phenomenal impact on the healthcare sector. If your aim is that your story gets discerned than try to incorporate these trends. This will help in creating a compelling and persuasive story.

Digital Transformation:

The digital platform is one of the leading ways to boost patient service. In the healthcare sector, the digital network provides ease of usage and convenience. It ensures an opportunity to have an interactive session with the patient.

The technological advancements in the medical field allow brands to have a competitive advantage. Digital transformation can ease the process of medical interventions. It can also reduce the time of certain processes, gaining the trust of the patients.

Digital Transformation Services

Patagonia Health is a healthcare supplier using digitally enhanced technology. They are using a tablet form device that has an LCD screen where the patient can electronically sign. It is an electronic patient consent form that makes it easy for patients in a clinical setting. It is a much faster, simpler, safer and traceable consent process. It makes life easier for patients and their attendants.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

We are already watching tremendous advances in the field of medicine due to the influx of Artificial Intelligence. With the help of AI, people are able to live longer and happier lives.

Healthcare organizations have started using robots as helping hands in the operation theatre. Today, for tough surgeries, robots are used to perform precise surgical procedures.

Robots are also helping in analyzing CAT scans today. They are faster than human radiologists. In a few cases, they are 150 times faster than humans.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services

In the recent Coronavirus pandemic condition, Italy came up with a new idea to use AI. All the hospitals are now using robots to keep a check and balance on infected patients. Taking such an effective measure was necessary. 100+ doctors lost their lives while saving infected patients during the pandemic.

With the AI-powered robots, the doctors are too able to save their lives. The work of the robot is to monitor the vitals and pulses of highly infected patients in the intensive care unit.

Remote Care System:

The remote care system is a telemedicine service. It is a turning point in the medical field. Patients are now using this platform to get in touch with doctors. Through the remote care system, patients can access high-quality healthcare no matter where they are located.

It is easier to get modern diagnostics without leaving the convenience of the home. Either it is a checkup of the patient’s condition or controlling their vitals, through remote care system everything is possible.

Remote Care System Services

VivaLNK, a manufacturer of medical wearable solutions, has recently introduced its ECG patch. The FDA approved ECG patch is wearable and reusable. The device gets easily stuck to the skin to record every reading. ECG waveforms, RR intervals, respiratory rate, patient movement and heart rate are monitored.

This device is being used by many hospitals to continuously monitor cardiac patients. Inpatients and outpatients are using them successfully. The ECG patch by VivaLNK is a technological revolution and a trend that every healthcare organization has started to adapt.

Connected Care:

Arguably, the healthcare sector is the biggest perpetrator when it comes to poor data sharing. Therefore now the healthcare sector has started to change drastically. Now they are using technologies that can deliver shared patient records in no time. There are a few devices that share data across multiple environments.

How this can help? Well, the connected care devices can allow the medical staff to ensure a proper diagnosis. With shared information on time, treatment can be made possible. For instance, a new doctor monitoring a patient who is not aware of their history. With a connected car system, they can quickly view the details and access the patient accordingly.

Connected Care Services

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is simply a digital version of a patient’s chart at the hospital. The EHRs provide real-time, accurate, patient-centric records. It has medical and treatment records of patients with their names and other personal details. Such innovation is a worth sharing story.

Big Data:

Big data gave birth to wearables as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). They have revolutionized data collection and maintenance. But what role big data has in healthcare organizations?

With big data, hospitals can improve care personalization with efficiency. It can assist with the inclusive patient profiles as well. Identification of geographic markets is also possible with high potential for growth and revenue generation.

Navigation of national healthcare demands can be efficiently managed. It can help in research advancements in different medical fields.

Big Data Services

A study claims that overdose of opioids has caused more accidents in the US than any other road accidents.

During the presidency tenure of President Obama, he earmarked the US $1.1 billion for the crisis solution development.

In such a stance, big data played a vital role. Data scientists from Blue Cross Blue Shield started working to tackle the ongoing crisis. Through big data, they identified 742 risk factors that can predict the risk of opioid abuse in someone.

So these are a few trends that are still transforming the healthcare sector. To make sure your story gets noticed, it must have at least one of these trends involved. It is also advised to read healthcare technological news along with some influential blog posts. This will help in understanding the new developments and evolving trends.

Digital Marketing in Healthcare – Know the Media & Its Coverage

You have now got an angle of your story in mind. You have explored the trends going on in the healthcare sector. Now the other problem that arises is to know who to target?

It is not an easy job like picking up your phone and email someone with your idea. Nope! Nada! You ought to analyze the key media before.

Skimping on research is a bad idea. In fact, an absolute catastrophic idea. Remember, every publication have different sort of interests. They prefer a certain type of angle. Without researching them, you will be just wasting your time.

Every publication has different requirements and criteria. Skim through them all before diving into a final decision.

For your ease, here is a selection of some reputed publications to pounder over.

Eminent B2B Media

Here are six renowned B2B media that can help you cover your story with brilliance.

  1. Digital Health – It is a persuasive news-driven website that primarily focuses on technologies related to healthcare. It promotes the UK policy environment in which the NHS operates. It promotes the IT partners as well that benefits the technological boundaries bringing the public and patients closer.
  2. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) – This is one of the world’s oldest yet recognized peer-reviewed medical journals. It prefers publishing highly researched clinical reviews and recent medical advances and development. It is also known for its editorial perspective and has significant appreciation worldwide.
  3. Health Service Journal (HSJ) – HSJ is news as well as the current affair website. It offers deep insight into healthcare developments. You can find opinions accompanied by the editorial scoop. These scoops are up-to-date information about the market trend in the healthcare sector. It publishes many industry leaders’ debates as well.
  4. Digital Health Age – This is a digital health website maintained by professionals. Every post and piece of information is well-written by digital health champions. You can find news on the disruptive technologies as well as views from leading experts.
  5. National Health Executive – This is a print as well as an online publication. It is committed to addressing all the concerns of UK health services. You can find features by healthcare organization managers, brilliant academicians, clinicians, and politicians. They cover a wide range of issues that affects the NHS.
  6. Health Tech Newspaper – One of the fastest growing online voice which solely focuses on digital healthcare. Either it is primary care or secondary care concerns or Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), this newspaper covers it all. They publish news and interviews from the Chief Information Officers, healthcare professionals, and IT directors.

The Leading Consumer Media

There are five leading consumer media options available too. They can prove as a good strategy to make your healthcare technology story noticed.

  1. Netdoctor – This is a website that covers news as well as provides advice. These consultations are given by professional doctors, specialists and other healthcare experts. The panel believes that medical practice can be based on quality-assessed information only. Every evidence must be built based on medical references only.
  2. Spectator Health – One of the leading websites that publish news and features interesting topics on wellbeing. The information shared on the website collaborates with scientists, psychiatrists, and doctors.
  3. Women’s Health – It is a print publication that is available online as well. It is a female health-centred publication that focuses on woman problems. It discusses their health, fashion, fitness, etc.
  4. Men’s Health – A complete men centric magazine as well as website. It covers crucial topics such as fitness and health problems of male. Every piece of information is shared by trained professionals in men’s health.
  5. Healthy – Healthy is a website based brand that comes in magazine format as well. It is distributed in Holland and Barrett. It covers all the latest news and researches that are based on food and nutrition, wellbeing, fitness and alternative health.

Time to Bring Your Healthcare Technology Story to Life

We have identified the trends that can help. We have also covered the media where sharing healthcare technology can be effective. This can help in engaging the target audience effectively and efficiently.

We already know that the healthcare industry is clinical and is led by policies only. Hence the content has to be strong enough to resonate as per the strict guidelines. No matter it is a case study related to the medical field or content of the website, the words the contexts have to be engaging to draw attention.

Patients receive health services and hence they are directly related to the healthcare industry. Therefore the content ought to be connected with humans, emotionally and spiritually. Evaluate yourself, is your existing content up that mark? Will your reader be able to relate to any issue discussed via content?

In the healthcare context, the narrative must not narrate conflict or leads to jeopardy. Imagine, your healthcare story is following the trend of for example artificial intelligence.

Now you chose a magazine to narrate the story but the narrative built is vague and contradicting. Would it be noticed? Maybe, but negatively!

It is necessary, to be honest, and provide as much detail as you can. Adding some colours and creative design can also be appealing to the audience. Trust us, this will enhance the engagement ratio.

Finally, ask yourself, is your story even credible? The audience is never going to respond to a fairy tale or a fable. The source must be authentic and must include stats in it.

For example, you claim you have developed a remarkable artificial intelligence system. It is nanobots that can repair human cells without going into surgery. But you have tested it only on rats. There have been no human trials yet you believe it is a breakthrough in the healthcare sector. Uh-uh, this can be declared as a false tale only.

Therefore to bring your healthcare story to life, make sure it is believable and well tested.

You have the trend the medium but it is unbelievable due to lack of credibility. Result? Utter failure!

When it comes to Medical Content Marketing – Trust the Experts

One thing is for sure – the healthcare technology industry is complex. There will be numerous cases where you might need to rely on some experts.

Don’t get confused with experts such as marketing personnel or sales professionals. These are healthcare specialists and experts. Relying on mavens like nurses, radiographers even the IT people like data scientists. These people will have unparalleled experience and expertise. Their inside knowledge and expertise can help in improving your story’s credibility.

These people are well respected and have already earned their fair share of recognition. Using their references, their interviews and one-on-one dialogues can add value. The story can pitch trust factor and the content can be even included in top tier healthcare media sources.

Doctor Eduardo Marban; who is executive director and lead cardiac expert at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Rebecca Barshick; who is a senior nurse educator at Johns Hopkins Hospital. These both are renowned figures in their specific areas and are credible sources.

You can use such an expert in your story to add some weight to your story. They are not PR people or communicators, they can just help you in becoming credible. If you can’t get their interviews to use their comment based data to add value.

After Complete Healthcare Marketing Research, Get Your Technology Story Noticed!

After all this, we can conclude that an effective healthcare technology story coverage is not impossible. It is possible through specific details and a genuine targeted approach. If you aim to promote your healthcare company’s product or service without providing any reference to leading trends than everything seems irrelevant.

Even if you have chosen a well-researched trend but failed to analyze the right medium, sadly this will too fail. It is evident that without proper coverage of information the story will never be noticed. Why? The audience will always struggle, either for credibility or for deep research.

This is why it is necessary to bring every expert together. Work on every detail clearly and take advantage of every possible media. Without a full proof PR plan, the healthcare technology story will never be noticed.


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