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Educational Benefits of Blogging

  • February 24, 2020

Over a few recent decades, there has been a tremendous increase in the trend of blogging. With just a few blogs we had online until a couple of decades ago. There is now an endless number of blogs seen online on any given topic and field that one can possibly think of. Anyone who can write well can start his or her own blog and use it as a tool to voice their views and opinions. Other than voicing our opinion, there are many other benefits of blogging.

Potential benefits of the blogs can be vast, from the business and marketing point-of-view to the Search Engine Optimization ones, there are certain educational benefits of the blogs as well, both for the ones who write them and for the target readers. They are now being used in classroom settings, at middle and high-level education. Blogs are being preferred due to the numerous benefits that blogs have over other media of communication and learning.

For the Writers

  • Boosts your Creativity

Blog Writing can definitely boost the creativity level of the writers. Because it is a casual format of writing and does not require one to stick to any particular format or rules, writers get a chance to be as creative as they want. It is the same thing as writing a diary or a journal where you do not have any limitations and you can go on doing whatever you want to do with it. With the trend of video streaming over the social media now, the V-logs (Video logs) are now being made. This is even more creative and fun for the people who are too lazy to sit down and write. So, all they need is a good quality camera and say it in front of it whatever is needed to be communicated.

  • Regular Writing can Sharpen your Cognitive Abilities

Writing sure is an art and requires a high level of creativity and cognitive skills. However, this does not at all mean that you need some special skills from day one if you want to write a blog. It is your blog and you have all the liberty in the world to express yourself through it, no matter how good or bad other might think it is. Once you start writing it, you will feel a gradual improvement in your writing abilities. The practice of writing triggers your thought process and brings out better each time. Those who write regularly are generally better versed than the ones who do not write. This is because writing provides them control over their cognition and improves all brain-based skills.

  • Improved Communication Skill

With improved cognitive skills, communication skills are improved as well. Because of the interactive format and writing style used in the blogs, those who write them on a regular basis can speak well as a result of this practice. Once they become fluent in their expression of thought, they can communicate it effectively in both writings as well as in oral speech.

  • A Chance to Research and Collect Information

Blogging improves your general knowledge as well. No matter how casual the format is, or how much freedom do you have to write, you still need to do some preliminary research to write on some topics, collect a few statistics to add some flavor to your writing and get influenced a little to get the game started. This research, unconsciously, adds to your general knowledge and gets kind of sealed into your brain and memory when you re-state the collected information in your own writing.

  • Provides a Collective Platform for all Participants

Blogs when used in education and learning, provide a collective platform for all participants. Unlike a classroom discussion which is time and location bound. A blog is an open-ended discussion forum where a topic or a discussion is saved and you can re-access it as many times as you want. This is another place, other than the classroom, that provides space for collective discussions and brainstorming.

  • You can Publish your Thoughts

Since you have a free hand in writing a blog, you are not bound to follow any rules. This is one format where you have the independence to freely voice your own thoughts and opinion. While most of the other academic writing formats and media require you to provide citations and references to whatever you state. The blog is one place where you can go on and on expressing your own thoughts. This also gives an opportunity to publish your thoughts online, where others can read them and agree or disagree with it. It saves and communicates your thought and opinions on any given subject matter. In addition to that it makes them globally accessible as well, thus adding to their authenticity.

Benefits of Blogging For the Audiences

  • More Information in Lesser Time

Because of the simpler and reader-friendly format of the blogs, it is easier to read and digest them. Not everyone has the stamina to read a book or a research paper, but the same information. Therefore, when imparted in a blog in a slightly different tone and style, becomes easy to read and memorize. The use of blogs is encouraged in education and learning particularly because of this reason. Since the objective is to impart information to the learners, and not to cram the books. This easier format can prove to be effective in doing so.

  • A tool for Autonomous Learning

Blogs are a great tool for independent learning. Again, it is the interactive and self-explanatory style of the blogs that make it easier for the readers to understand it on their own. The readers do not need to be subject experts to read a blog on any certain topic or subject. The blog itself makes it easier for the readers to take whatever it is that is being communicated through it.

  • A tool for Distant Learning and Education

We are living in an era where everything is getting online, including education. Blogs are a great tool for distant and remote learning. Because of the availability and accessibility anytime from anywhere, this tool is particularly common and effective for the remote learning programs. Moreover, blogs do not require any high-tech skills. Anyone who has the link can access them. This is a lot simpler than the software and tools that require proper installation and setups to get on the go. A blog is just an online link that you need to click on and you have it all.

  • Encourages Participation and Discussion

Now that is the trick used by educators when they include a blog in their curriculum and tools used. The interactive style used in blogs encourages the readers to participate and discuss. This is similar to a classroom discussion where people can post comments on any given topic of discussion. The additional benefit of the blogging format, over the live classroom interactive sessions, is for the introverts. They are those people who are not much confident or comfortable in participating in group discussions. These individuals are mostly more comfortable in an online environment and can use this platform to voice their significant opinions.


Hence with these many benefits of blogging in education. There are many others as well that have not been mentioned, both for the writers as well as readers. It is now important to make them a part of learning programs and courses. It is high time we start facilitating the learners as well as educators with the efficient and effective use of technological tools and online resources. The format of the books and papers is there and will remain there. However, with these added facilities, the process of learning and imparting education can be made easier and more effective.


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