A B2B SaaS Content Marketing Strategy to Retain Paying Users

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  • March 23, 2020

COVID-19 has doubled the importance of a thought-condensing B2B content marketing strategy for SaaS companies. Users are not happy with the world, with the financial circumstances, and the cold emails that companies send them. There is something of paramount importance here that I need you to pay attention to.

You have invested massive capital in your app development and lead generation campaigns. 

Around 50 companies registered on your app in the first quarter, but 50% of them left, 40% of them never used the app again, and the rest 10% have lodged tickets and rarely used any feature.

content guide for B2B SaaS content

You had a well-planned user onboarding protocol aligned with your customer success department, but you weren’t actually able to retain them afterward. 

If that’s the case, welcome to the club! 🎉 In this guide, you will get a roadmap for developing a SaaS content marketing strategy for your app to guarantee at least 70% more traction to your business, which is still 7x of your original traction in terms of retained users.

The problem didn’t start when they opened the app and not used it.

It started way before even when your company first contacted them. 

The problem is, you do not have a proper content strategy in place.

You are writing only to fill up space and feed Google.

content guide for B2B SaaS content

B2B SaaS Content Marketing Strategy Challenges

You and your teams are honest, and the moment they step into the office they start working on “providing value to the customers.” Every department strives to add value but why does the content that your company produces isn’t providing any value to your customers? Why content is the least priority at your company despite the fact that your content stands as an emblem of your brand?

A survey highlights that high-value customers spend 5 minutes surfing through the content just before they make a buying decision.

As cited by Profit Well, 47% of the B2B SaaS buyers read 3 to 5 pieces of content before actually getting in contact with a sales representative.

Have you provided any high-value content to your high-value customers so that they can make a buying decision? This will actually reduce the time and efforts of your digital leads and sales team, and they would be able to onboard more and more clients.

A research highlights companies with a content plan have a 30% higher growth rate than companies that don’t and companies that have a blog generate a whopping 67% of more leads than the companies that don’t maintain a blog.

If you don’t have a good content plan, you’ve planned to jam your growth.

And that’s the reason why you have “dead signups”, which means that people signup but don’t sign into your B2B app. Your lead generation strategy, somehow, onboarded them but could never retain, because no one invested efforts to truly understand what the customers are looking for.

They say, well begun is half done. So, if you are a tech startup and a new launch, then I have a trick for you to give a boost to your business.

Understand B2B SaaS customers

Target audience, buyer persona, and customers – all of them share a similar semantic space and found the basis of all B2B content marketing strategies that a SaaS company builds. Understand your customers, don’t confuse them. Your developers think customers need good features, your sales team thinks customers need attractive offers, and you think they need value. You have confused the entire process and your customers too.

content guide for B2B SaaS content

The SaaS market is expected to reach $157 billion by the end of 2020, and to win a significant market share we need to put in some more energy. 93% of the CIOs in States are looking for a SaaS solution to solve their business challenges, They need to see your app in action, they need rich documentation and resources, and they need a strong community of your application.

For this, you need to establish a solid problem-solving voice in the market. Engage your product managers, business analysts, technical writers, and other SMEs. Allow them to collaborate and speak on the “why us” part of your product.

Buyers are ready to pay you, tell them that you’ve got the solution to their business problems and they’ll give you all their money.

B2B SaaS Customer Journey

Understanding your customers and their journey is the first step to making an effective b2b saas content strategy. All digital platforms have now a tab called “Audience Insights” or a similar name. These platforms are trying to make you realize the importance of understanding your customers. So, your B2B content funnel must address their pain points.

I have been writing for the Business Intelligence industry for years, and now sharing how I understood about the Customer Journey.

When you talk about onboarding B2B customers of the SaaS industry, you are talking about logical decision-makers, not emotional.

Selling a SaaS product needs constructing a logical narrative that provides solutions to business problems.

  1. Identify your customer problems specifically
  2. Address them through your application features
  3. Tell the customer that you have got a free trial option to test the feature
  4. Bring the “resources” section to the main areas of your app user interface

The following image illustrates a high-level buyer journey of your B2B SaaS content marketing strategy:

content guide for B2B SaaS content

Just remember these two rules while selling to your customers:

  • Customers love non-promotional suggestions
  • Customers love being surrounded by like-minded people

Based on these two rules, we have devised a working content strategy for your SaaS B2B app, but you can also create your own if you want to start all the work from scratch.

The most fundamental thing to realize is that you are writing for some strangers. You need to convert these strangers to customers. For this your B2B SaaS content strategy must have categorical segments of content that specifically address different stages of the customer journey.

From stranger to visitor to leads to customers to advocates.

Now, the last stage is very interesting – advocates.

Who are advocates?

These are your happy customers, who are given value still after the sales process closed.

You can expose you premium content to your customers for free, and convert them to your brand advocates. They will just bring in so many customers to you without the need of running separate advertisement and marketing campaigns.

How to Sell SaaS on a Budget?

Short answer – content marketing.

It’s the only cheapest way to convert a random searcher into a buyer, and then into your loyal fan. Not only this, but it opens a million roads to ever-increasing visitors automatically converting into your app users.

Content marketing achieves multiple purposes out of which trust and thought leadership leads the list. Without trust, no one is going to believe whatever you say, and if no one is believing you, no one is doing business with you.

Start with at least two case studies that truly reflect how you helped your previous customer. This will quickly establish your authority.

You need to start connecting content marketing activities in all verticals of your product including core app development, product versioning and upgrades, social media community and forums, tutorials, and guides.

content guide for B2B SaaS content

How to combine SaaS content marketing strategy with PPC?

Short answer – landing pages

The landing pages of most B2B SaaS products are generic. The reason is to keep the costs low and target a variety of different users. Usually, such ads have an achievable benchmark, which determines whether the ad performed better or not.  This type of landing page is widely followed, and I can think of missing lettr as one of its prime examples.

Such landing pages usually start with a contact form and go down explaining a few powerful benefits of the app.

content guide for B2B SaaS content
Here’s what you can do if you are looking forward to trying something new with the landing page.

First. Make comprehensive research on a specific challenge faced by a business niche. Making a buyer persona would be awesome. 

Second. Provide a three-step solution to the specific problem through your app.

Third . Provide screenshots/gifs/ screencasts of the features involved.

Fourth . Give a free trial opportunity.

Do not forget to:
In the ad campaigns, reduce down the target audience to the buyer persona you created.

Target high-value buyers that are searching to solve the problem of their business.

You can use this layout for this experiment.

Skills your B2B SaaS writer should possess

Picture a smart sales manager in your mind.

Oh, not you Bean.

Let’s try that again.

Picture a smart sales manager in your mind.

Do you see how he mixes his business acumen in the sales pitch? How he has combined the business problems with the solutions? 

Similarly, your writers must also imbibe the same business acumen in their SaaS content marketing strategy just like a sales manager. The narrative should smile with your customers, shake hands, and cajole them to the contact form.

Content graced with attractive business jargon and no sales artistry is like college papers. You don’t need that

Feel free to explore the professional SaaS content writing services that The Write Pick dedicatedly offers to the tech companies

How to build an effective B2B SaaS Content Marketing Strategy?

Let’s knit everything together here and make a plan to start with.

Every content strategy has a goal to onboard more clients through a process that’s simple enough to implement and yield great results. 

You can check out the industries for which I have devised content strategies and delivered content accordingly.

But we all know that before being your client they are just normal people who are either trying to overcome a challenge or looking forward to a growth opportunity.

Based on this knowledge, we now create a content strategy consisting of three activities:

  1. Inform
  2. Educate Create problem-solving content via all mediums
  3. Engage

Picture these activities as one composite, just like a road on which a reader starts their journey as a wanderer and ends up as a loyal customer. To get the real benefit to keep the road busy with people – always active.

b2b saas content marketing strategy road and checkpoints

Now let’s explore each aspect of this journey.


Let them know that your product exists. Create an introductory video of your product, and promote it on all channels.

This will imbibe trust in them. The more people see the more they start believing; it’s just the opposite of ‘out of sight out of mind’.


Produce massive content starting from case studies, white papers, ebooks, videos, blog posts, and articles.

All of these content forms must solve the problems of your customers, providing high value to the business.

Do you know API Documentation is another form of content marketing where the developers community is addressed?

Thinking of developers to write an API doc for you? Not a good idea – your developers might be good at coding, but not at explaining in words. You’d need a professional technical writer for creating an API guide for you that’s easily understandable for any developer.

This is where you can persuade the readers to click your free trial or subscribe button.


This part does not address the typical UI/UX problems of your application – that’s an ultimate necessity but surely not the topic here. 

The idea here is to include all the high-value problem-solving content in your app easily accessible from within your app, making your app easy to use.

4 Simple Steps to Create Content Marketing Strategy for B2B agency

content guide for B2B SaaS content

This is a blueprint for the content strategy that you should immediately adopt for your b2b saas product.

I have kept this topic at the end of this article so that you know what you need to do at each step. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Identify your customers and their needs

It’s paramount to identify who your customers are and what they are looking for. Poorly planned content delivered to random audience can lead to negative branding. And at times, to irreversible loss.

Therefore, always create buyer personas to truly understand customer needs. You can create a buyer persona using this Hubspot tool.

2. Map the App Features with Pain Points of the Customers

After you have identified customers and their needs, you are ready to create a pain-to-feature map.

You can simply use Google Sheets for this.

List down all the customer pain points in one column, and against each of them list down the features that precisely address these problems.

Let me know in the comments if you need me to share my template of pain-to-features Google Sheets map

3. Create Content that Addresses the Pain Points

You now have everything on your fingertips to address customer problems using the app features. Moreover, you can enhance your content team’s knowledge by holding inhouse training sessions.

These sessions will equip your writers with the right solution to customer problems.

Create as many content artifacts as you can to address the customer problems.

4. Promote your content on Social Media

Most of the B2B SaaS companies omit to promote their high-value content on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.

Remember, not all content forms are suitable for all types of audiences. You need to carefully plan out what content types should you choose for which communication platform.

Curate and customize your content according the platform you are using for content marketing. No content is for all types of audiences, and every platform has unique content promotion options.

Leverage those platform-specific features for doing effective content marketing for your B2B SaaS product.

Common Content Marketing FAQs

How many times do you publish blog content in a month?

This depends on how much organized your strategy development department is. You can produce 4 blog posts per month with a good amount of research being done separately for each blog post. Or, you can start curating and repurposing your (or your competitor’s) previously produced content. This will double your content production.

What is Content Marketing in Simple Words?

Content marketing is a type of marketing through which you attract and retain customers, bring in tons of traffic that starts investing loyalty in your brand. This type of marketing smoothly converts strangers to loyal customers and promoters.

List of Popular Examples of Brilliant SaaS Content Marketing


Source: New Breed Marketing.

List of 14 free keyword research tools

KW Finder
SEMRush Free Trial
Moz Keyword Explorer Free Trial
WordstreamKeyword Tool
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Source: Reddit


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