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How Content Marketing is Building Doctor-Patient Relationship in Healthcare

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  • February 21, 2020

From complex medical jargons to hazy insurance details, healthcare isn’t always the most easily understood subject. As a result, patients go to their healthcare providers with zero knowledge on the subject.they are also left with a trust they are not quite sure where to place. content marketing aims to build a bridge between the doctor and the patient.

How do they know what their healthcare provider is suggesting the best approach for them? They don’t.

How can they question any of the procedures when they know nothing about it. If they do question, a healthcare practitioner can shut them up with their hefty degree and impossible to pronounce medical mumbo jumbo.

It’s 2019, a time where patients want to learn more about all that is going inside their complex body in the simplest way possible, and healthcare content writing is providing just that.

More and more medical professionals, healthcare product companies, and medical insurance firms are attracting a large number of consumers and patients by maintaining stellar content on their digital platforms.

How? By empowering their patients to engage with them, communicate more openly, and place better trust in their healthcare provider.

Why Communication and Trust Is Important in Healthcare

It’s a good question, what makes communication and trust important in healthcare?

Trustor not, people are going to go to the doctor either way. However, medical is not a profession measured in quantity, but in quality. Trust is critical in healthcare relationships, it is required for a patient to trust their healthcare provider to give them timely and accurate care, and for doctors to trust their patient to disclose all the necessary and crucial details for better care.

However, this trust only develops when patients know the basics of what they are going through. When they ask questions, when they feel confident enough to comment, engage, and communicate with their healthcare practitioner and when they receive answers that satisfy them and build up their trust. Patients are vulnerable and uncertain, to begin with, yet this trust can lead to hope and better will power and motivation to fight their diseases.

The latest survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project discovered that 61% of Americans use the internet for health information. Which only goes on to prove how necessary content creation has become for healthcare professionals.

Let’s learn more about how healthcare content is improving communication and building better trust.

Content Provides Value to The Patients

Going through authentic, valid, and research-based healthcare content gives birth to ideas, inspirations, and tips and tricks in patients’ minds. It educates them on the matter they are dealing with and helps them feel more in control.

Armed with that much knowledge, the patients are eager to take their healthcare a step further and approach the healthcare providers. The content basically pushes the products into the arms of a consumer, and it does so in the most educated manner when it comes to healthcare.

Take skin health, for instance, skincare brands are doing their research and communicating their findings with their customers. They are building their rapport with their quality content and then, who wouldn’t trust them with their products when they know so much about the subject?

Any person who reads even one skincare article by a brand often finds themselves going into the store and buying that product, knowing full well what it is for, what and how it’s going to work, and how to use it. The content is even doing a service to all the dermatologists and estheticians in the area, as more and more people and mainlining them, looking for answers they didn’t find on the web.

That is how a healthcare content pushes the patients to engage and communicate with the healthcare experts. They, in turn are more than glad to have patients who understand how skincare works and is not just a miraculous phenomenon that happens overnight.

Healthcare industry has finally come to the realization that consumers don’t need sales pitch when it comes to their health. As long as they are offering value they are earning trusts and contributing towards better communication.

Content Marketing Gives Voice to the Patients

How many visits do you remember to the doctor’s where the only person speaking in the room was the expert and you were just there bobbing your head?

We are betting there were many. Most of our communication with our healthcare provider is limited to; how many doses a day doctor? When do you think I’ll be completely treated? Do I need to come back for another visit?

That’s about the extent of it.

When it comes to healthcare products, look at all the print and commercial ads and you’ll find the brand doing all the talking. The brands’ voice, the practitioners’ advice are all there loud and clear, but where is the patients’ voice? Where are the consumers’?

A well-written content raises others concerns, is even brave enough to touch on touchy topics, and acknowledges the popular opinion of the masses. Content gives voice to the patients via blogs and articles. It gives them the confidence to speak up about something they read and ask the healthcare practitioner about it.

Healthcare Content Humanizes Medicals Professionals and Healthcare Brands

We’d be lying if we say that we never feared doctors and dentists and other healthcare experts at one point in our lives. They appear so grim, so otherworldly with all that knowledge in their head.That mysterious contraption in their hand doesn’t help matters either.

Reading, in general, puts us closer to the authors, allows us to see them as humans. Why do we all think we know J.K. Rowling and Jane Austen so well when none of us haven’t even met them and are least likely to, in Austen’s case?

Similar is the case with healthcare content, it humanizes brands and healthcare professionals for the patients. It gives consumers exactly what they want, no facades and no vague and hidden persona. What patients need is transparency and content is allowing them to do just that. It allows the readers to know exactly what is in a healthcare product, where is it coming from, what is the reason behind adding it. Even a simple content, breaking down ingredients of a wellness product can dramatically increase its sale.

Not only have content marketing and creation became a necessity in the healthcare industry, but it is becoming extremely mainstream. In order to stand out, healthcare establishments are striving for unique, exclusive, and consistent content.

Healthcare Content Marketing Sustains Trust

It takes a long time to build trust but a matter of seconds to break it, which is why healthcare establishments cannot lag off with their efforts. Luckily for them, content marketing helps in building sustainable trust. Consumers crave more information once they get hooked, or when they have a personal health reason to stay updated. Brands and healthcare professionals feed them with consistent, updated, well-researched, and valid content. This feels like they are having a conversation with a friend they have known for a long time.

Such a relationship builds strong trust and a consumer would buy their products. they would even go to them for consultation without a second thought. The Internet has already given voice to the consumers. No longer are we fooled by sales pitches, false promises with no evidence backing them up, and lack of logical explanations. In order to sustain trust, every healthcare establishment would need to rely on quality healthcare content.

Healthcare Content Gives Us the Expert’s Views of the Latest Trends and Hyped Products

It’s easier to get sucked into hyped healthcare practices and products that become viral on the cyberspace. Social media influencers have great influence indeed and they can succeed in selling almost anything. Even weirdly popular diets such as paleo and keto can be seen promoted by influencers.

Yet healthcare experts have an even bigger impact when it comes to health decisions. One well-grounded, eloquent, and justified article can bring the whole idea down. While everyone is going ballistic over this new healthcare trend, healthcare content guides us in the right direction. Think of healthcare content creators as one of those cool aunts that come from a trip abroad every year. They graciously share all their experiences, knowledge, and secrets without even making us beg for it. And we respect and trust that aunt so much so that we take her word for it.


The benefits of healthcare content marketing knows no limits. It is the path to success for healthcare professionals and it does many jobs at once. The marketing aspect is a given. Content gets the word out, even make the brands and professionals a household name. Good content marketing also breaks geographical barriers and increases website traffic. In addition, they improve the search result rank, and make the establishment visible to more and more people. That’s not it. Well-written healthcare content also helps a brand and a professional establish themselves as an expert in the field. If your well-researched content helped people in the past, they will seek you out again and trust your word. Content marketing done well engages the audience and converts them to a paying audience. It even fuels customer engagement on social media platforms and in general drives business results.

Healthcare Content Marketing is different from other content creation. Expertise in the subject is required and so is the ability to articulate articles that can be understood by anyone.  That’s why we at The Write Pick have a team of experts who are whizzes at what they do. Reach out to us and get your healthcare content written for a good boost in the business.


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