Your Business Intelligence App is scaling up fast, are your content and documentation too?

Business Intelligence

A Technical Content Writing Partner that Fits In and Grows
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You are developing a game-changing BI solution for the world. But with the rise of the version-less app development and CDCI (continuous development, continuous integration), the documentation of your application and its content marketing seems like a challenge. Your content and documentation must sync with your latest, and even upcoming, release.

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You have a powerful development team but missing out on adequate resources and time to create a whole bunch of user guides, video tutorials, presentations, articles, white papers, and ebooks.

Even if you have created all those, they still need to get updated along with your BI app.

What can we do for you?

The Write Pick has a complete hierarchy of writers, strategists, analysts, editorial board, and content managers – all of them working under the directions of a project manager who is closely gauging your requirements and ensuring if the team is every inch as good as claimed while signing the deal with you!

You get a whole technical content department working for you at a minimal per-word cost!

We are offering a 360-degree coverage for your Business Intelligence product, including:

  • Technical writing
  • Content management
  • Content marketing

Your users and community will stay abreast of your app updates  

Your application updates will be reflected in all the forms of technical documentation and content writing, including user manuals, guides, videos, presentations, articles, website, and social media content

In addition, you can also create hype of your upcoming features, and attract beta-subscribers.

If you have any developer communities on Slack, Quora or Reddit, our product evangelists, and technical writers can easily manage those communities as well.

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Your target audience will start trusting your brand

You may not be as popular as Tableau and Oracle BI, but that doesn’t mean SelectHub or Zoho BI aren’t making money. It’s all about what you have to offer and how you present it when the customer walks in. The Write Pick empowers you with a pack of a bunch content writing services that include:

  • Blog Posts
  • Marketing Stories
  • Social Media and Community Enhancement
  • eBooks
  • Press Releases
  • Whitepapers
  • Tech articles
  • Case Studies
  • Brand Success Stories

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Keep your product stakeholders and end-users well-aware of app features and functionalities

Developers are good coders, but not necessarily good documentation experts. Good backend documentation will keep your BI software and developers right on the track, whereas good end-user documentation will keep your customers loyal to your software.

So, make sure you are not getting your documentation from someone who’s not a perfect combination of tech and art. Our writers understand both the technology and the art of language and work in a well-defined system to produce the following technical artifacts for your Business Intelligence application:   

  • User Manuals
  • User Guides
  • Product screencast video tutorials
  • Business and technical presentations
  • API documentation
  • Functional Requirements Document
  • Programming Style Guide
  • Knowledgebase

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Content Analytics

The fact that we love technology and we love data makes us an awesome fit for your project.

Under the umbrella of Content Marketing, we also offer advanced content analytics that harnesses industry-tested KPIs and techniques to specifically evaluate how good your content is doing.

Our Take On Business Intelligence Content Marketing and Technical Documentation:

Today, business intelligence is the need of the hour! Especially when the big data has gained access to all over the world. Every business requires to incorporate SaaS products through this innovative platform. In such a stance, The Write Pick has expert content strategists who are aware of the need for BI solutions and its writing style. We offer a technology-aware writing style that promises a reputation in the community.

The sole aim of business intelligence is to satisfy the compelling needs of companies. Such as in planning, developing, revamping, and improving the overall business performance. It helps in quickened and intelligent business decisions with accuracy. For this, creative content creation is a must to ensure the message reaches the audience with clarity.

We guarantee to provide such content that satisfies the SaaS product while making your business leader in your niche. It is the time to market yourself smartly and proactively while unleashing access to the industry with intelligent and professional content.

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