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7 Social Media Writing Service Tips for Businesses


105% increase in social media advertising is predicted in the next three years.


Those tips are based on the researches done on several social media writing service experts like Pret, Sharple and others.


Now, you’d be wondering why?


To get the answer, keep on reading till the end.


Here are the detailed tips about social media writing.


But before we start, make sure you don't miss even a single point.


Otherwise, you might regret in the future.


Let's dive in:.


1) Develop Standards for Social Media Writing:

Developing standards for social media writing means to appoint specific writing style and impression.


That specific writing style and impression should become your business s' instant unique identity.


Let's suppose, you are having a business and you choose the writing style of humour with authority.


So whenever a reader would read any social media writing with humour and authority, he would be reminded of your business.


So now, in this case, all of your content should have the elements of humour and authority, which will become a unique identity of your business.



How to develop standards for social media writing? Just make sure you have defined the following elements:

  1. Style Guide
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Targeted Audience
  4. Brand Voice
  5. Brand Tone
  6. Branding
  7. Types of social media posts


A) Style Guide to Unify Social Media Writing Style:


A style guide helps different writers to have a standard style of social media writing.


All the rules and regulations are mentioned in the style guide about what should be the impression of a standardized social post.


B) Mission Statement - Why an Organization Exists?



A mission statement is a brief description about:

  1. Why does an organization exist?
  2. What are its goals?


That’s why set your social media writing goals first then plan and practice on the daily activities to achieve them.


C) Targeted Audience to Write Personalized Post:


Persona means the characteristics of a person e.g age, gender etc.


You should set a specific persona and targeted audience before social media writing.


If you will think of writing for everyone, then you wouldn’t be writing for anyone.


Select only a specific group of people who would be most interested and relevant to your content.


For clarity, set persona of a specific audience about the following aspects:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Demography
  4. Profession
  5. Education
  6. Awareness level
  7. The Biggest Problem


By the use of that technique, you can write posts that would stimulate the emotions of the readers.


In result of emotional stimulation, the readers would get urged to react on your calls to action.


D) Brand Voice - Casual or Professional?


You have to choose a brand voice to create a brand impression on social media users.


If your target audience would be teens, your brand voice should be casual.


On the contrary, if your primary audience would be mature businessmen, your brand voice needs to be professional.


E) Brand Tone - Humorous or Authoritative?


Besides the brand voice, you also have to choose a permanent brand tone.


Brand tone can be authoritative or helpful or humorous, and others. 


Consider brand tone according to your targeted audience.


F) Branding - Your Identity on First Sight:


Make branding strategy permanently, and it should help in creating an exclusive identity of your business.


Remember, once you’d set the business logo, abbreviations, spellings, you can't change them later.


As if you’d change them later, you’d lose your brand authority.


G) Types of Messages for Each Social Media Platform:


You should stick to particular types of messages for each social media platform.


The reason is, each social media platform has a specific type of audience.


For example:

LinkedIn has mature and professional users. 

Twitter also has users above the age of 18.


2) Consistency, Content Writing on Social Media & Web Content:


It's necessary for success on social media to have consistency between content writing on social media and web content.


The message you’re trying to propagate on your social media writing post must be fulfilled by linking it to a relevant webpage.


Suppose, if you’d talk about earning money online on your social media post,




You’d link your post to a webpage, talking about how to sleep, it’d be fraudulence.


No one would ever trust and act on your calls to action once they’d be victim to that fraud.


Sadly, it's a common practice by the social media spammers.


That's why, make sure you put the web link in your social media writing to the relevant web pages.


To those relevant web pages that you’d be promoting and talking about in your post.


3) Create Shareable Content With Social Media Copywriting:


You need to use social media copywriting techniques in writing the posts.


With the help of copywriting, you can incite the readers to share your social media posts on their different platforms' accounts.


The best way is to touch the readers’ emotions in your writings.


According to psychologists, people make decisions based on their emotions, later justify them logically.


Learn and practice all the ways to write posts that would urge the users to remember them for longer.


To demonstrate:


You may use the following methods to add emotional elements in your writings:

1) Ask the readers about their problems then tell them the solutions.

2) Ask them their desires and wants and help them in guiding about how to achieve them.

3) Provide social proofs and testimonials.

4) Put attractive and persuasive headlines e.g 10 Secrets of Becoming Millionaire! (2019)

And many others.



  1. A) Make a mobile-friendly post.
  2. B) Use Hashtags
  3. C) Add images


Consequently, do all it takes to make your social media posts shareable by making your social media posts exciting and engaging.  


4) Audience-First in Social Media Content Writing Services:


The ultimate and broadest tip to get success in social media content writing services is:


Put Your Audience First!


That means:


Whenever you write a post and create a social media writing strategy, keep the likes and dislikes of your Audience first.



How do they talk?

How do they buy?

How do they search?


To clarify, suppose you have a digital marketing company.


Your clients would not like to pay you thousands of dollars by their credit cards on your website, without consultation.


You’d lose business and fail if you’d expect something against their mindsets.


Similarly, if you’d be promoting SEO(Search engine optimization) services, but without testimonials and social proof.


People would not trust you and would not like to risk their money and time on you.


Based on the fact, people buy from those, to whom they trust and respect.


Hence, each social media writing strategy and post must abide by your audience's behaviors and mindsets.


5) Why did that Company Lose Thousands of Dollars?

Now, it's time to reveal the mystery of why did that company lose thousands of dollars on social media advertising.


The reason was:


They hired an unprofessional freelancing writer who didn't have any experience and skills in social media copy.


6) What is Social Media Writing Service and How Does it Help Business?

Do you know that out of 3 billion social media users, 1.8b (that is  60% of the total) are waiting to see you coming? Are you ready for it? Do you have the right plan to properly address these many users?  With the invent of social media, content has taken so many other forms than text, which includes now ad posts, presentation slides, carousels, video posts, image posts, link posts, and the list goes on.


More than 4 million videos have been uploaded on Facebook alone, and these need professionally written content. 80 out of 100 companies keep a strong social media presence that helps to maintain positive user sentiments; as a brand, it's critically beneficial for them.


They achieve this simply by the use of appropriate language - the language that actually influences their customer choices.


The language of a social media post must convert. Must get you transactions and engagements (likes, shares, link clicks, etc.)


If you are thinking that you can get a freelance social media writer for posting for you, stop right there. One step ahead, and you are counting your losses.

 social media content plan

A freelancer cannot do this job simply because social media post writing, let's not talk about the entire social media marketing, needs a well-defined plan in sync with your business objectives and guided by content strategist, editorial board and linguists. Continue reading to know what you are missing here.


Quality and variety of your social media content can make your customers perceive the idea of your brand. Our social media writing service is ideal for crafting persuasive social media content that is interesting and share-worthy. The Write Pick boasts a creative team of writers who not only have the passion and zeal for writing content for businesses, but also a well-defined content delivery mechanism supervised by linguists that ensure that the content is capable enough to get right into your customer's head and speak the message.  We are helping you transform your business into a brand by delivering your message to a vast audience that is carefully identified for communicating your voice.


Based on the above, you should think according to your audience's perspective.


As mentioned earlier, you need to make social media copy strategies and posts by putting your audience first.


Still, if you feel you might not be able to do effective social media writing and strategy, then The Write Pick is here to help you.





The success of social media marketing lies in creating appealing content because social media is all about engagement. Businesses of this age are known for the quality of updates they share on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Quora, etc. It is not just the content that creates an impact on your social media presence but the language, relevancy, response to feedback, timelessness, and way of approaching the audience.

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