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Is your content writing department a mess, and not really sure how to create an effective content management strategy? How you deliver content is deeply related to how you manage your content. In order to make your business survive and thrive in the digital space to earn more customers. Find out what routes you need to take to easily integrate yourself into the digital stream.

The business and consumer market is on its way to an era that would be completely digitized. So, no matter what type of business you have or the scale of your business, it is important that you have a social presence.

You can easily increase your sales and fan-base on social media with a perfectly crafted content management strategy. Without a strategy, you can quickly fall victim to poorly overfilled space, exhausted efforts, and wasted time.

Digitization of your company is important as it leads to a lot of unavoidable benefits. This allows you capturing a wider audience and keeping track of your social performance. When you don’t understand the process completely, it becomes tougher for providers to start out. Here we will discuss the changes that you need to make in both your content management and content strategy. These new methods will support your company surge into the new era.

Online courses or conferences

It’s always safe to get some knowledge about the stuff you are going to deal with. There are many online courses available that can help you get familiarized with the basics. If you have difficulty understanding online, you can always look up if a conference is being held in your area for a digital marketing conference. This can provide you with a more hands-on approach toward digital marketing. These courses can give you a basic understanding of how websites work, search engine basics and many other marketing techniques that can help you make the transition online much easier.

It can be intimidating when digitizing your company because you are unfamiliar with where to start, which leads to no progress at all. So, when you first want to start, there are priorities you should focus on:

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Content Management on Cloud

Cloud computing offers many benefits to your content writing business. It acts as a virtual office that you can access anywhere at any time. It allows the flexibility and cost-cutting that you cannot have in a physical setup. If you have multiple writers who need to share the same network, go for cloud-based applications that include Google Drive or any other similar free to use cloud-based environment. You do not need any physical space to manage document versions or any version management tool for that purpose – Google Docs handles that all by itself. Other than this collaboration of multiple writers become a breeze so that if one writer is writing chapter 3 of an eBook, at the same time and document the other writer would be writing, maybe, chapter 4.

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Not only that but if some disaster occurs, you will not lose your data. So, you get data security as a bonus with Google Drive. Since the cloud has all your data stored and backed up it can be easily reviewed by any writer that might be looking for ideas or someone who wants to read any previous content.

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A survey from 2019 by TATA communications indicated that cloud computing increased productivity of companies by 69%. As a content creator, cloud computing can make it easier for multiple writers to collaborate on a single project, and this instantly becomes a basic need when large-scale projects come in.

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Moving to the cloud also does not take a lot of effort from you. You can usually hire a package from services like e-works. They have multiple packages to suit different types of businesses and their needs. Depending on the amount of content that you produce each day, you can have storage from 100gb to more than 5TB Some of these services also include upkeep, which means that you will get automatic updates and customer service, which can help reduce its costs in the long run.

Digitizing customer experience:

Offer instant quotes

Your customers should always be your first priority, whether having a digital business or a regular one. You should focus on their needs and problems and address them as quickly as possible. This is precisely why digitizing the customer experience will help. For content writing services, you can offer free quotes to customers which can be calculated instantly.

Customer reviews

Another way to digitize the company is by allowing customers to choose their writers and leave reviews on their respective writers. This will increase customer engagement with your website and new customers can review each writer individually.

Writer profiles and samples

To further improve the customer experience, all the content writers on the website can have their own profiles and samples. This will allow the customer to see the writing style of the writer and select one that suits them best.

Mobile application

Another way to improve the customer experience is by the introduction of mobile apps. It was found that in 2018 52.2% of all online traffic was generated through mobile phones. By having a mobile application, customers can easily get writers and content writing services at their fingertips.

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An analytical firm’s data showed that people spend 86% of their time on mobile apps and only 16% of their time using mobile websites. Since the customers are looking for their own convenience, they are more likely to use your services for their needs rather than visit a website.

Big data and analytics

Big data and analytics are one of the most important aspects to focus on if you are newly transferring over to the digital market. It was revealed that 46% of marketers use various kinds of data analytics tools to gain insights which they use to make decisions for the company. Big data can help companies make more informed decisions in regard to their company. For e.g. digital market trends and most searched keywords can be used to create targeted content which will appeal to the audience. Big data can help you get what keywords your audience is searching for and what keywords they were searching for that led them to your website. This can then help you so you can have more content to the related keywords and you can focus more on these keywords since they drive the most traffic.

Big data refers to large sets of data that can be read and analyzed to determine patterns and trends which can then be used to increase business gain.

Build a digital ecosystem

When a customer googles a service, it’s highly likely they stumble upon a social media page of a company.  Reason? Companies are going multi-channel, which is why we call it a digital ecosystem. It is no longer an option just to have one website and sit on it. You must spread your message to multiple social media platforms, engage with your fan-base and gain traction. Having profiles on multiple platforms can increase the chances of a customer coming across your page. This digital ecosystem can also include digital advertising and customer reviews.

tip icon It was found that 95% of people aged between 18 and 34 follow brands that they prefer on social media. Whereas, 71% of people who have good experiences with a company online are likely to recommend it to a friend.

Improve and Update your Content Management Strategy

When you are starting out, there is bound to be a lot of trial and error. The only way to succeed and find what is perfect for you is to keep making changes. The improvements don’t necessarily have to be huge changes. They can be little rewriting, website redesigning, adding a new feature or some bug fixes. One study found that even changes as small as font colour can increase your traffic by 34%. The same applies to updating your content management strategy.

the write pick logo Don’t worry if you are unable to figure out how to update your content management strategy. Just let us know here, and our content marketing strategist will help your manage it better. We are a content strategy development agency that can create an easy-to-adopt content management strategy that just works perfectly for your writing department!

Have an effective team:

When it comes to digital marketing, nothing can be done alone. You require a team of professionals who should be able to analyze data to give results to the business.  There are 2 ways you can go about getting your team. The first would be hiring a digital marketing firm. These firms do most of the heavy lifting for the company, comes up with a strategy and gives a proper plan on how it can be put into effect.

The alternative route to this is hiring an in-house team. When building your own team, you are looking for people who can digitize processes quickly while working and use the resources effectively. You may need to create different teams, which will lead to different parts of the project, so they are able to meet strict deadlines.


This is a relatively new market strategy which has been seen to have very favourable results for businesses. When you are new, there is already a lot of competition for the services in the international market; this makes it difficult for your company to be seen and recognized. You can remain specific to a location and appeal to a more local audience using targeted ads. This will get a local audience to see you and drive business to your company naturally. Geo-fencing tends to generate a 27% increase in sales on average. This allows a business to grab hold of their customers before the competition has a chance to.

Geo-fencing is when you target an audience in a certain area or geographical location.


In 2019, change is taking place at such a rapid pace that any company that is not open to innovation will get left behind. One study found that only 8% of businesses will be able to survive with their current business plan. This is why companies should look into digitizing their business. Not only will that keep your current audience, but it will also allow for a more younger audience to be attracted to the business. With the help of conferences and courses, you can gain knowledge about the digital process and what needs to be done to transition your company to a new stage.

Along with that, you can use cloud computing, data analytics, digital ecosystem, and geo-fencing as tools to increase the growth of your company so it can reach a wider audience. You should also be constantly making changes and improving the features of the websites and social media platforms, which will keep the audience excited. On top of everything, you need a great team which will be able to execute the digitization process and get your company to where it needs to be and beat the competition.

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