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How Essential is the Right Content for E-commerce Stores

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  • Mehwish
  • February 27, 2020

Content literally plays the role of a backbone for e-commerce brands. It drives the business and gets it through the competition that has been increasing tremendously over the last few decades. It is basically the content for e-commerce on your site that makes it stand out among the rest. You can convince your target audience to buy your products through your content. You can also create a lasting impression through it as well. As opposed to a brick and mortar environment, there is no salesperson to interact with potential customers. The entire process of attracting customers, guiding them to the sale process and providing customer support services, the content alone does it all.

If the content on an e-commerce site is not catchy enough, does not coincide with the interests of the readers and does not seem to fulfill their needs and requirements, your business would get nowhere with that kind of content. No matter what good products do you sell if you cannot communicate the quality and aspects of these products through well-written content, it would be difficult to sell those products.

Benefits of well-written content

Researches have also shown proven benefits of content marketing strategies developed and implemented properly by e-commerce businesses. It is recorded that 74 percent of the e-commerce brands have been able to generate leads as a result of their effective content marketing. 43 percent of them have also increased their content and digital marketing related staff. Realizing the importance of it is generating sales. Let us give you a snapshot of some of the obvious benefits of well-written content for your e-commerce sites:

  • Well-written content can make the customers relate to your products and offerings, hence making them buy it.
  • Content with the right density of keywords helps you show up in search results.
  • Websites that have better and more professional content end up creating a better impression on the target audience than the ones that lack content.
  • Products that provide detailed descriptions, reviews, tutorials, and videos are more likely to be sold than the ones that lack these details.
  • High-quality images and video content is an effective way of interacting better with your potential customers.
  • More visitors are converted into customers if the website has professionally written content on it.
  • Quality content is also evidence of quality products. It creates credibility for the companies. Your website looks a lot better with the well-placed, professionally written content than without it.
  • Potential customers have been found to trust the brands more that have better content.

These are just a few of the endless benefits of content marketing for e-commerce platforms. In addition to the obvious benefits and the profit-seeking motives, one major plus of well-written content is that e-retailers have the power to control the audiences through content.

Misconceptions around Content for e-commerce

Your content is what provides you an opportunity to create thought leadership. It enables you to make your target audience think in the way you want it. More than 50 percent of the buyers who shop online are impulsive buyers and you can make them buy your products if you have that kind of convincing power in your content.

Then, a major misconception about the content for e-commerce websites and businesses is that they only need websites and some quality pictures to sell. That is all about the required content. If you are still under that misconception, then you can safely go take a long peaceful sleep in your homes. Because your business is not going anywhere with that perception. It is 2019 and we need to know what digital marketing and content marketing actually means. Just getting the website content and uploading pictures of the products is the first step to a long process.

Not just that there are several other kinds of content required for your e-commerce business, it is also essential to understand that digital marketing or content marketing is an on-going process. It is not a one-time activity that you can get done with and then sit down to wait for it to start showing results. It is definitely an ongoing process where you will only get the output from the other end if you keep putting in your efforts from your end. As soon as the efforts stop from your end, the results would start showing up.

Content Goes Beyond Your Website!

So wake up from the dream that you are done implementing your content strategy if you have your website ready with the products uploaded on it. Let us tell you what more you can do (please read must be done) to keep the content for e-commerce site alive and breathing.

  • Social Media Marketing

This is one thing so obvious that we do not even need to mention it here, but since it is so mandatory that it has to come at the top of this list. Your e-commerce business needs to be present and consistent at social media. Identify on what social media platforms your audience is expected to be spending their time the most and then target them there. This is from where you can bring the traffic to your website.

  • SEO

Optimize your content for search engines. Identify the right keywords and then use them strategically within your content to enable it to reach higher in search results.

  • Blogs

We still come across so many websites that do not publish their own blogs. Having a blog on your website and publishing on it regularly has numerous benefits. You can create interesting and catchy content for your target readers and promote these blogs on various platforms. Then bring traffic to the websites from there, optimize the content for e-commerce of these blogs. The usage of the right keywords and several other tactics are used played around within the blogs.

  • Collaborations

Collaborations must be done with the other online retailers and effective content for e-commerce needs to be devised for it. This includes a range of content types required in the process. From proposals for potential partners. To the marketing campaigns to let people know of your collaborations.

  • Product Descriptions

Detailed product descriptions are mandatory to go with the products and their images. Write down everything from size to color to usage. Each and every aspect of the product must be covered in the descriptions.

  • Reviews

Adding reviews in your content for an e-commerce plan gives a lot more weight to your marketing. People may not believe when you say it yourself. However, they will believe it when a previous customer praises your product or service. So make sure you obtain the reviews and feedback from your buyers. Also, make it public on your website and social media pages.

  • Video Tutorials

Graphics, images and video tutorials are now replacing the long chunks of text, and these are to be made the part of your content plan. Adding video tutorials, reviews and testimonials and advertisements gives a boost to your online presence. Since there are more chances of your target audience watching the videos than reading the text, it is the content type you need to add for sure.

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