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10 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Quality Content Marketing

  • February 21, 2020

Development and implementation of marketing strategies in the business sector is an extremely important aspect. Most organizations tend to overly focus on the more technical aspects. They often forget the core of any marketing strategy. Which is having a strong and engaging content base to serve as launching pad for them. Content is truly the backbone of any marketing strategy. Therefore it is imperative to discuss the various aspects. Why it is an absolute must for any business. No matter how big or small. To have a content strategy to back their overall marketing campaign. Advantages of having an effective content marketing policy have many ranges. From establishing a niche in the market to engaging consumers to convert casual visitors into long-lasting customers. This is a brief overview of why content matters and why do you need to develop interesting and engaging content for your business.

Why content matters?

Content has come to be the centerpiece in any marketing strategy. Simply because it holds a vital position in the hierarchy of marketing tools. It has universal value for every individual and business who wants to build a presence in online. It is necessary in order to reach out to existing and potential consumers. This way it is directly tied to the revenue figures. It has an immense impact on how a brand is perceived in the worldwide market. Here is a thorough description of various aspects of content marketing service. These make it indispensable for every organization in the modern economic landscape.

1. To build an online presence

The content was always an important element in every marketing strategy but its significance has grown multifold with the arrival of the digital revolution. Most content marketing strategies in the past focused more on maximizing the outreach rather than having interesting and engaging content. The 21st century and arrival of the internet have flipped this old notion on its head. Currently, there are more than 4 billion individuals in the world with an online presence and every one of them is a potential consumer.

What’s great about this new globalized and digital market is that every existing and potential consumer is just a click away so access is not an issue but engaging them definitely is. This is why content has become the king of marketing industry because it is the foundation on which the whole infrastructure of digital marketing is built. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for every business not only to have an online profile but to be visible and reachable to the global internet community.

2. Sets you apart from the competition

Past two decades have seen such rapid and explosive growth in the online community that has an online presence has effectively become a no-brainer. However, one side effect of this mushrooming of online marketing profiles has been the abundance of content in the digital arena. In this overly crowded and competitive world, your content is the only tool that can set you apart from the competition and allow you to build a unique and organic portfolio for the worldwide audience.

A very good example of this is the rapid proliferation of e-commerce sites. Even on the online shopping giants such as Amazon and AliExpress, there are thousands of identical products listed at almost identical prices but those with well-written product descriptions tend to sell better than the others. In fact, a 2018 report by Amazon found that product description affected 80% of sales when two similar products were compared.

3. Improved visibility through SEO ranking

The sheer volume of online content made it impossible for users to keep track of every source they needed so as through some supernatural evolutionary process search engines came to be and now, they dominate the online market place. If a user needs any kind of information regarding any product or service, they will simply Google it or use some other search engine to find what they need.

This immense power held by search engines means that they are effectively the trendsetters in the digital world and higher your website or online profile rank in their search results the better off you are. Posting SEO friendly and quality content will help your portfolio occupy a better place by resulting in more indexed pages, backlinks and ranked keywords. This will dramatically raise the visibility and brand awareness of your business and will result in a number of advantages for your brand.

4. Establishes brand reputation and identity

Not only it is crucial to maintain an online presence but in order to stand out of the crowd, you need to develop a niche for your brand. This can also be achieved by using relevant content strategies that help establish your brand’s identity in line with your organization’s vision and core values. The content basically provides you with highly influencing avenues to set out and control the narrative around your brand and fend off negative propaganda by effectively countering it.

Consistent publishing of content also adds to the authenticity and builds the reputation of your brand. It gives the impression that your organization knows what it is doing and has things under control. This is where most content developers commit fault. They focus on generalized content only instead of developing a core base and then building around it.

5. Retains consumer loyalty

Having a streamlined and well-defined content marketing service is also important for your organization in order to keep the existing customers engaged with your product or service. Whenever a new piece of content is published on any of your online platforms, those who have subscribed and follow your online presence should feel engaged and attached to the content. This is one of the several side benefits of content that it can bind your consumers to your organization.

This can only be established by publishing top-notch content that  fits well with your organization’s vision and mission. The content should also further your commercial interest by providing information about new and upcoming products. The most important thing to be considered in this regard is that content should be of such nature that consumer feels satisfied while consuming it. It should bring in sense of renewed commitment and loyalty to remain attached to your work.

6. Helps you control the narrative

In the digital world, sometimes perception matters more than reality. This is why it is important for any business to maintain a unique identity. Also that they have a sway over the discussion around its products. Again, content is your guy here as it helps you establish firm control over the narrative around your organization. Without an all-inclusive content strategy, you are practically powerless and reliant on third-party reviews. Comments about your brand from other people don’t bode well for the hyper-competitive digital arena.

7. An integral part of the overall marketing strategy

As mentioned earlier that in the past marketing professionals did not put too much thought into the content marketing. Their main focus was on reaching to the maximum number of potential consumers. Nowadays, the content marketing has assumed the supreme position. It has become an integral part of every marketing strategy there is. It does not matter which marketing level you are going for having quality content at your disposal is a must for them to succeed.

Here is how content helps any marketing strategy at different levels;

  1. Awareness: This is the first stage of persuasion through marketing. Also known as Top of Funnel. This is where content serves as a hook for any random visitor to attract them to read and understand more about your product. Content at this stage should be brief but crisp and interesting. Normally short blog and social media posts with engaging graphics and catchy headlines serve the purpose at this level.
  2. Comparison: Now that the potential buyer has a rough understanding of your product and they are contemplating a final decision. But before that, they will compare a few identical products to get the best value for their money. Content for this level should focus more on features and Unique Selling Points (USPs) of your product and what sets it apart from the competition.
  3. Decision: At the bottom of the marketing funnel is the lead conversion angel. This is where the potential consumer becomes the actual consumer. Content for this stage should ensure the customer of a great experience along with robust customer service. If everything goes smoothly, Voila! You have a new customer all thanks to your content.

8. Complements other content marketing strategies

Although content can serve as an independent marketing strategy on its own. It has immense potential significance to complement and add value to other strategies. No matter what dimension or angle is applied content is there to support it. Thus it should gain equal importance when it comes to different strategies regarding any marketing paradigm.

Let’s say you are launching a new product and want a celebrity endorsement from a social media influencer. You reach out to them and get them on board with your product’s launch program. Now you’ll need to attain maximum benefit from that opportunity. Employ all other channels to use that one bit of development. You’ll post periodic social media posts, create blog posts and even create press releases about that celebrity partnering with your organization and all of that is based upon content.

9. Passive content marketing via user engagement

Having a strong base of quality content to back your product and service goes a long way than the above-mentioned options. When users engage with your content and your online platforms are regularly updated you generate organic traffic. This essentially translates into free marketing when users interact with and share your posts. If your content is highly interesting, the traffic generated by it may even overtake the actively promoted parts of your organization.

Viral marketing is a relatively new phenomenon introduced mainly by the massive overreach of the internet all over the globe. There have been numerous instances of a simple meme or video post gaining millions of interactions in a matter of hours. Simply because it resonated with the internet population. For marketing professionals, this means months’ worth of hard work in a single night. This proves the passive power of fun and engaging content in the age of the internet.

10. Increased revenue generation

Let’s be frank, this is the ultimate goal of every marketing plan there is. The CEO and Board of Directors may express interest in ‘building brand ethics’ and ‘establishing identities’ . However in the end, it is sales numbers that matter. A well-developed content policy goes a long way. Not only in attracting new customers but also retaining and expanding the sending choices of existing ones.

The lead generation and lead nurturing powers of content are nearly unparalleled compared to all other marketing strategies. A survey of top 100 business with online presence noted that online marketing through content services costs 60% less than the traditional marketing. With 50% more Return on Investment (ROI) compared to all other marketing tools available.

Content marketing  is like the universal truth in the marketing industry. No matter what sector you belong from or at what scale you operate. It cannot be stressed enough that if you want to achieve your organizational milestones, having an effective content policy is an absolute must. But how can a small business still in its infancy do that? How can a lacking expert content team do this with their limited resources? This is where The Write Pick comes in.

We have a team of highly capable and committed professionals who will take care of all your content marketing needs.You get a well-managed and professionally catered content policy at your fingertips. in addition you will also have a number of tools at your disposal to monitor and evaluate the performance. this will help your content marketing and alter any of the variables as the need arises. All you need to do is to reach out and give an overview of what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.


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