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Why Content Marketing is so Significant for the Fashion Industry

  • February 21, 2020

The word ‘fashion’ means ‘appearance’. The way you present yourself and the way you appear in all that fashion is about. Your style, your apparels, and your appearance- it all tells your story.  But guess what?  your story can not be told to the whole world just by showing your outfits through flashy images on the internet. You need words, too. content along with those pictures. Content marketing is the key to establish your business in just a matter of months. Adequate pictures and content are all you have to put up on your website to get started.

The fashion industry and content marketing are intertwined. More like, inseparable! Like every other industry, fashion needs the content too. In fact, it needs content a bit more than the rest of the sectors. Don’t understand why? Keep reading!

1. Customers are hungry for information:

Ten years back, Bill Gates beat the drum for content. He proclaimed “Content is King!” and ever since that day, people have actually started treating it like the King. Product consumers are now more demanding for the product’s information along with its quality. Despite their busy lifestyle, people now spend plenty of time researching a product before buying it. According to the latest statistics, 81% of people research online before going to a store.

Too much, right? No wonder everyone’s on their phones all the time! So if you’re thinking about distributing fancy brochures of your brand outside shopping malls, drop the idea as soon as possible! Elaborate slogans and pretty posters won’t do any good for your clothing line. Update your website’s audience with the latest trends and styles. Educate your audience about your product through striking pictures and a brief paragraph about its details and increase your web’s traffic in no time. Avail content writing services at The Write Pick and add a spark to your website’s content.

2. You learn about your consumer’s preferences:

Through the electronic weapon- content marketing, you can learn about your customers’ likes and dislikes. It is the top-secret to understand your clients. The data that we collect as to our customers and potential customers move along with the journey- their engagement on social media posts, the videos they watch and download, the eBooks and blog posts they spend time on reading as well as sharing- all this is very precious and makes online marketers really powerful. After analyzing the collected data, you can see which content is the most successful and which one needs further development and then improve your webpage accordingly. See, how much you can do just by learning about your consumers!

In a nutshell, if you’re heavily invested in content marketing and you have a good grasp overusing marketing automation tools, congratulations- you have a lead! With the help of the data insights collected, you can:

  • Develop enhanced consumer personas
  • Create much more precise buyer sections
  • Progress personalization

This whole procedure is usually referred to as content intelligence. Through this process, you can always improve what you offer and boost the influence of your content marketing by making a better strategy, and then rinsing, cycling and repeating it after collecting the data from your content analysis.

The constant influx of data that is specially related to your brand and your customers (as it originates from your content marketing tactic), is a very important tool. Without it, you’re definitely missing out on the philosophy of modern marketing- the understanding of what resounds with your consumers, at this point- the how, when, where, who and why.

3. Your rivals are already taking advantage of content marketing:

Another reason why content marketing is so ridiculously vital for marketers these days is that there is a great possibility of your competitor already using it. You really gotta catch up in that case!

If your target audience is already facilitated with personalized emails and text messages informing them about the latest updates from other brands and if they already know they can go and search up any of their queries on the websites and social media pages of your competing brands, then you’re definitely under the water!

Content marketing is not famous for nothing! One of the reasons behind it being so powerful all across the globe is that it can be used to validate your brand as a reliable authority in your sector. This means, the process of making your content marketing strategy influential is a bit time taking since, so is getting recognized and establishing a trustworthy existence.

In case your rivals are ruling over massive online blogging platforms, efficient social media profiles, and are known for their exciting video tutorials and yearly marketing occasions, you really have some catching up to do. Avail the best Writing Services at The Write Pick. It offers you amazingly written blogs, press releases, newsletters; in short, whatsoever type of content you need to run your website and different social media accounts.

4. Search Engines:

The last and the most important reason why content marketing is so significant for your brand in search engines. There’s absolutely no doubt in the fact that customers turn to search engines whenever they face a problem. Hence, in order to turn your potential customers into customers, you need to be there when they Google it. Search engines update the algorithms that they make use of while crawling the web which helps them in constantly improving the quality of results that appear on the screen when one searches something up.

In the last few years, Google has increasingly compensated and rewarded adequate quality work along with penalizing low-quality content. One thing is for sure, up-to-date and fresh content is always appreciated by Google. Therefore, publishing new blogs and articles as well as updating old content will definitely help your brand in sustaining a strong showing on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This ensures people keep coming back to your site again and again.

If you want to exist in the audience’s radar, you need to rank high in search engine results. SEO is an important part of any marketing strategy. Also, it works side by side with your content strategy. The visibility of your brand can be augmented by producing content around some commonly searched industry keywords and long-tail questions that a business can explain. It will surely result in gaining traffic to your site and increasing the number of buyers.


Conclusively, brands that frequently generate valuable, intuitive and relevant content emerge as lead-producing machines. Setting up an efficient content marketing strategy can prove vital in driving greater ROI on marketing efforts. The era of product-based marketing is almost obsolete and behind us. Whereas implementing consumer-centric marketing is the real tea nowadays since buyers now have their expectations quite high.

Drowned in offers and deals, customers are busy and flooded with the different purchasing offers that are according to their needs and wants. A well thought and widespread content marketing strategy help in conveying expressive content that goes well with your targeted audience at every step of their shopping journey. It is hence, for these reasons why content marketing has taken the world by storm and is so essential for every brand that wants to leave a mark in the market.


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