Content development is sure not a straight thing. From the style to the grammar, from sentence structure to the tone, there are tens and hundreds of considerations to keep in mind while writing content. Thus this is a lot of hefty work that goes into it. It is true that content writing is something that can only be done if you have a very strong command on the language, vocabulary, grammar, and flow, yet there are a few ways and techniques with which you can get some added help in your writing process. Among these tricks is the use of some content development apps that have made the lives easier for many content writers around the world.

Since the need for content creation is increasing with each passing day and there is more to be done now in lesser time in the competitive world we are living in, it is important to know of the changing trends, the new techniques, and the tools that are introduced to make lives easier and more efficient. Like every other skill in the world, the skill of writing also needs to be updated with the changing trends. There is a need for innovation to be brought into the art of writing to make it more elaborate, efficient and effective. Therefore, a range of applications, software solutions, and other tech-packages have been created to make this task a lot more convenient, along with optimizing the quality of it as well. From checking grammar to the plagiarism, there are tools for various steps of your content creation and publishing process.

Once you are done with your brainstorming session, know what you want to write about, who your target audience is going to be, how you are going to manage the overall flow of your content, and most importantly, what your keywords shall be, then you sit down to the actual thing i.e. writing. Despite the extensive researches you have conducted on your selected topic, your vast experience in writing, and your obvious skill and talent in it, writing is still a challenging task. One day you are all good with your flow and want to go on and on writing, other days you get this damn writer’s block and cannot seem to process even a single line in your head. Don’t worry! You are not alone in that. All writers have their good days and their bad days. What is important is to be able to manage your bad days somewhat better than your good days, and only then you can handle your writing job like a pro.

With that said, let us quickly take a look at some of the applications that have been made not just to make work easier for you but to ensure increased quality as well.

1. Grammarly

Yes, we know many of you have heard about this already and are probably using it as well, but we still decide to keep it at the top of this list because of the amazing features of it. This amazing app is like a friend whom you can frankly ask to review your work. This app checks the typos and spelling errors in your draft, the grammar and sentence structure, and even the context of sentences to some extent as well. It works well with Chrome, Android devices, iOS devices, and Mac.

2. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a great app for the writers who get too caught up into the game of increasing word count. It basically catches you when you try to increase the word count uselessly. It points out the sentences and phrases that can be simplified with the omission of a few words. It also points out the repetitions and the useless adverbs, adjectives and filler words. Not to forget that this is just a tool, so it can only perform to a certain degree in doing all that for you. Rest, you yourself need to keep your habit of rambling in check as well.

3. Papersgear

Many writers hate proofreading. Most of us do not like going back to something that we have written ourselves a while ago and many a time, we even fail to catch the errors in our own content. Therefore, Papersgear is the app that takes care of your proofreading matters. Moreover, it has a team of professional editors who offer their services to review your work and help you create content that is near to perfect.

Convert case, as the name suggests, helps you control the capitalization of your text. If you want to change the case of some chunks in your long text, this tool will help you with that. The best thing about ConvertCase is that it is available free to be used. So if you are a fast typist, who goes on and on typing at the speed of light, not bothering the punctuation and capitalization, this app is a must for you.

4. Calmly Writer

If you are a writer who is easily distracted by the distractions, then Calmly Writer is for you. It gives a simple interface, free from any kind of distractions and also has some customizable features to help you create your own interface in order to focus better. It helps you stay calm and focus solely on your writing.

5. Marinara Timer

This app is basically for slow or lazy writers. It is for the writers who are still kid enough who feel hungry as soon as they sit down to work. No jokes apart, the great feature of this app is that you can set a timer on it to track your productivity and match your workflow. You can also use the custom timer to set your work time and your break time to keep yourself in check.

6. Feedly

Since it takes a lot of time to decide what to write on, how to find out engaging and interesting topics and the trending items circulating around the internet, ‘Feedly’ is the application that provides you with daily ideas and inspirations for your content creation. It provides you the trending topics and issues in respective industries and helps you figure out what topics and headlines can bring traffic to your content.

So now that you know the tools and their usage, it would now be easier to create content for your websites, social media, e-books and whatever you want. The Write Pick utilizes these apps in improving the quality of the content that is sent to us for review. Hand over your task to the team of professionals at The Write Pick and get the perfect content solutions.