Top Trends in Real Estate Marketing That You Need to Follow

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  • December 26, 2019

Are you interested in upgrading your real estate marketing strategy and becoming one of the top tier real estate companies? Are your sales and audience reach not as good even with a marketing strategy. Continue reading to find the top trends in 2019 that are bound to increase your website traffic as well as sales.

In real estate, there are many aspects you need to be aware of.

This includes information about the neighborhoods, the newest houses going on the market, and statistics for what appeals to a potential buyer. One thing that most real estate agents miss out on is the trends in society. This knowledge may help real estate marketplace owners deciding how they want to present their content. Content with direction and purpose has a direct positive impact on sales. 

A real estate trend is any pattern or a direction that the market or industry sways in which can have a statistical effect on the market.

How video is taking over

Video is one of the most crucial pillars of any real estate marketing strategy.. Video allows you to send a more direct message and interact with your audience on a personal basis. Real estate video allows potential buyers to see and get a feel for their house before they purchase it. By introducing video to the marketplace itself allows customers to view the house without ever leaving their home. While pictures do a good job in depicting what the house or property looks like video sells a lifestyle that no pictures are able to master. A survey conducted in 2018 shows that 85% of users in the U.S watch video content on their devices on a daily basis and this number increases to 95 in countries like Saudi Arabia, China, and turkey.

Since videos can be easily shared and more likely to be watched, they create more traffic to your website. By creating creative, interesting and aesthetically pleasing videos your existing users will share the videos and generate new buyers to your page. 

How to make videos and what type

Making videos for your social media and online is not a difficult process either. You can record videos of not only the actual house but also of satisfied buyers and the neighborhood you are trying to sell in.  The videos you make can also be informative.

You can do live streams and videos where you answer common questions and queries about the buying and selling process. You can then use different clips and edit them together to create wonderful videos. If you are unsure what to use to edit the videos, iMovies is a built-in software on iPhone that allows you to do so easily. You can also download other editors such as Adobe Premiere and Vegas Pro. Simply, put in music, captions and other elements of your choice to make your video unique and attractive to the newer generation of buyers.

A report from Hubspot also shows that an increasing number of individuals want to video content from their brand.


Creating trust between you and the buyer

The real estate marketplace is extremely diverse with ever-changing trends. In 2019 you need to make sure that the content you have on your page or website is worthwhile of the buyers. You should not only be allowing them a place where they can see and buy homes but provide them with useful information regarding their homes. This information will establish a sense of trust between the two of you and when they perceive you as knowledgeable, they will likely keep returning to your page. 

There are many ways to create content that will interest the reader some of the types of content used by real estate agents include:

A blog on the website

This blog can provide clients with information about the community, any tax reforms and give ideas about localities they should be considering.

An example of a blog post can be a guide for first-time homeowners and tips they should consider when they are going house hunting. This will appeal to the audience since these first time home buyers made 33% of all residential sales in November 2018.

Neighborhood profiles

These will include helpful tips on every community available on your marketplace.

The neighborhood profile will contain an in-depth review of the community. It will include everything from schools, parks, atmosphere, history, and culture of the neighborhood. Providing the demographics can also be a great help to people looking to buy. If you can find the unemployment figures, seasonal climate, etc., it can boost your credibility in the eyes of the reader.

Giving access to useful tools

Tools will give an edge to your website and offer convenience to the prospective buyer.

One of the tools that have gained immense popularity is the mortgage calculator. It allows clients to look up exactly how much the house will cost them without signing any deal. You can also allow clients to do specific property searches. They can find properties according to their budget, preferred size and even by their choice of sales agent. You can also provide your clients with the facility to set up notifications on their email address or number. Getting informed of a new house when it’s available on the market matching their criteria is nothing less than a blessing.

Guides for financing and home buying

A financing guide helps the buyer understand any state regulations and laws and provides them with any information related to the property or areas they are interested in.

A financing guide also covers information about loans, mortgages and other means of obtaining funds for their home. These guides will cover both the pros and cons of home financing so that the buyers can make an informed decision. This will establish you as a trustworthy and unbiased source for advice on all real estate matters.

Automation bots – a pivotal aspect of Real Estate Marketing

Marketing information bots are just starting up in the real estate. By the end of 2019, they are predicted to dominate the industry. With chatbots, you also eliminate the need to monitor the live chat rooms and further reduce the need for a customer service employee. The best part however about automated chatbots is that they are available twenty-four seven. No buyer will have to wait to get the information they need, they can get it instantly through the automation bots.

Many clients of the newer generation have a greater urge to start communication instantly. This urge makes automated bots an urgency.

How do I set up and use automated bots

There are many apps out there that allow you to set up an automated bot on your real estate website. Some of these sites include manychat, mobile monkey and intercom. They let you set up trigger words or phrases which will bring about the chat asking the user a question. The answers to those questions will then directly be transferred to you. For example, asking a buyer if they want to book a walkthrough for the home they viewed or if they would like to set up an appointment.

One more way of setting up a chatbot is through your facebook messenger. A service like many chats can sync the facebook messenger to your website. This will automate the entire chat.

You can set up automated responses to questions that will most likely be asked by buyers. In this manner when a user asks a question through the messenger, they will receive an instant reply. A buyer may ask, “what is the process of applying for a home loan is or information about the lease or deed?”

Chatbot messages can also be converted into various languages, so you can target people of distinct ethnicities and origins. The automated answers will take some adjusting so you will need to alter and improve the messages until they get perfect. But once you are able to grasp it, the entire operation will run more smoothly.


Hundermark shows the growth of chatbots from 2017 to 2018, and it continues to increase.

Email marketing

Email marketing is not a new trend that has just emerged. Many companies have been using this form of marketing for years. However, with the digital age and advancements in technology email marketing has taken a backseat in real estate marketing campaigns. And while there are many new trends that are gaining traction, 99% of consumers still check their emails daily. Among them, 73% prefer to be communicated via email.

Emails provide a direct channel to your customers without any distractions. Email marketing has one of the highest conversion rates with more than 50% of people employing email marketing getting new leads. There are many types of email marketing techniques in real estate that you can use to boost up sales. Read on to know about these types.

Targeted campaigns

Targeted emails are those which are meant for a specific subset of an audience which is deduced generally from lead generation ads. The categories for these emails are usually based on age, location, gender, and income. One such example is finding low rent apartments for students which would be targeted towards people aged 20-30.

Cold campaigns

Cold campaigns are emails sent to people whom you have no previous interaction with. Most companies purchase these emails or gather them through networking or social media. Cold campaigns take longer to convert and take a couple of emails to get the customer interested before they can begin showing listings.

Drip campaigns

Drip campaign is of the most frequently used communication strategy in real estate, even though it takes a fairly long time. These are usually automated so you don’t have to remember to keep sending these. They include new real estate listings, updates on the neighborhood, tips and other news to keep the reader engaged and come back frequently.

Open house and event follow up

Open house emails are pretty simple. They are designed to persuade the reader to sign up to view a potential house and a follow-up email. This allows the real estate agent to get more insight into what the buyer is looking for. It’s an excellent way to get them interested in buying more houses.

Referral or testimonial request

This email is only meant for customers you have made a sale to. By asking for a positive review or a referral, you can boost up your sales and positive reviews can make you seem more trustworthy with future buyers.

Lead generation ads let people show their interest in a product by filling out a form in the ad which allows businesses to follow up with them.


In addition to this, there are many more trends that can be used to improve marketing strategy. Even with the trends mentioned here such as video, email and automation feel free to get creative and adjust and customize them to suit you. But like every industry, trends are continuously changing with new ones arising every year. There are many trends that are just gaining traction and others that will be a distant memory in a year’s time. You have to make sure to stay on top of the trends and change up the ones you currently employ to keep your real estate sales and traffic at a maximum.


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