How to Build Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategy for an Online Grocery Store

  • Malik
  • May 21, 2020

If you have an online grocery store and you want to know how you can increase your sales by 60%

you have come to the right place

I am Malik a technical communication specialist, and I am gonna tell you how you can make a few changes in your current e-commerce content marketing strategy for your online grocery store to increase your sales by 60%.

According to, 42% of the US population has bought grocery items online.

So, every online grocery store is going crazy after this near 40% market – which is kind of now saturated.

There are already very big big brands like Walmar serving this chiunk-

But, a big brand always has a bigger vision.

Walmart is not only targeetting 40%, they are actually directly addressing the rest of 60% of their customers.

Let’s see how they are doing it.

When you’ll access the Walmart store, you will instantly see a popup that says “new to online grocery”

This is a help guide, which is very common with the admin users of ecommerce portals.

But this guide is different.

This help guide is addressing to the 60% of the traditional shoppers.

Now, who are traditional shoppers?

Well, they are all those customers other than the 40% online grocery shoppers. They are kind of walk-in customers. Who go to super market with their famillies and enjoy shopping.

And when they have to give online order of 50 items, this is how they look like.

So, back to Walmart.

They are not only addressing 40% online buyers, but also 60% traditional shopppers.

They have created a detailed video guide on easily traditional shoppers can buy online.

That was a courteous act by Walmart.

Let’s see how another online grocery store has very smartly incorporated ecommerce guides in their webstore.


Unlike other typical online grocery stores, FreshDirect has addressed the real-life needs of the customers.

The core essence of online grocery store is to ADDRESS the REAL-LIFE needs of the customers.

So, they have not created categories like Canned Items, Veges, Fruits.

Instead they haveā€¦

This is what I call a Lifestyle-Induced Store.

So, what’s the conclusion?
If your physical grocery store is suffering from lockdown – create an online store.

If you want to make 60% more sales, you need to address the 60% of the ignored market. And that’s the traditional shoppers.

You do not need to do much to access the rest of the 60% market.

All you have to do is use eCommerce guides correctly on your website.

If this information was useful, share with others. And if you to know more about this topic, then I have written a full-length article with screenshots, examples and some amazing tips that you can apply and test on your online store.

I personally read and reply to each and every comment you make. So, let me know in the comments section if you


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