How to Measure Writer’s Performance with Content Management Tools?

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In this article, we will learn three things about content management tools, their application and benefits:

  1. What stops you from measuring the writer’s performance?
  2. Why is it important to measure the writer’s performance?
  3. How to actually measure it using content management tools?

What stops you from effectively measuring the writer’s performance?

Managers usually say that the main hurdle is the excessive time, cost and appropriate level of skills required to go over the board for measuring the performance. Well, that’s true. 

But I will be bitterly truthful here.

It’s not only that the time and cost mattes – you’d spend anyway where you think you need to spend. So, basically it’s the “absence” of adequate knowledge about choosing the right technology for measuring the team performance. So at the back of the mind, the managers would think that instead of wasting all that time and cost in searching and testing out an unknown technology just to see how good a writer is, let’s simply opt the one that’s popular and affordable . 

I hope you will also agree to this. 

The managers could not dig deep down to see whether their business processes and work nature align with the content management tool or not. The reasons for this approach could be many like being overloaded with work, or not being technical enough, and so on. 


Choosing a technology based on this approach leads to defective monitoring of the writers.

But there is something more than this that’s happening behind this approach.

Somehow, the writers have bought this widely accepted narrative about key performance indicators and it has some serious problems. 

Here are the most critical points of this narrative:

1) – Word Count is not a KPI to identify the best writers

2) – Hourly monitoring of the writers is the only efficient way to gauge their performance because not every word is born equal.

Well, they are correct in their own meanings, because we have some more KPIs as well like these: 

  • Bounce rate
  • Stay time on blog posts and other landing pages of the website
  • Click through rate of the advertising campaigns

But I have a comment here.

These are very generic statements and might apply differently from company to company. 

If you pay attention, there is one thing that’s common to both the statements.

They both are focusing on measuring performance by using ONLY ONE KPI.

content management tools, measure writer performance and kpis

I believe that a writer’s performance cannot be measured by one or two KPIs, rather it is measured by a combination of several different KPIs. When these writer KPIs are brought together, they all contribute to the investigation of the writer’s performance – from different perspectives. 

content management tools, measure writer performance and kpis

Comment below and say “Yes” if you think that we need a variety of KPIs to effectively measure the writer’s performance. I would love to know your thoughts. I think we need many and well-thought KPIs.

Now, let’s see why it’s important to measure the writer’s performance?

To be specific, today, I will precisely talk about measuring the content performance of those writers who work either for content marketing agencies or enterprise-grade companies. 

This means that the work environment would be like hundreds of writers sitting under one roof as hired employees, and not freelancers. 

These writers will be producing immense content every year in different forms and serving different niches.

content management tools, measure writer performance and kpis

Now multiply this immense content by 10 times for an agency who is producing content for hundreds of such clients each year. These writers are producing a lot of content for hundreds of different clients and niches. In this scenario, the content managers or project managers must have access to the strengths and weaknesses of all their writers in a measurable form of data. 

content management tools, measure writer performance and kpis

So, why should you start measuring your content writer’s performance right now if you aren’t doing it already?

You are working in a digital world, where you can record even the mouse hovers of a user and clicks (which you can compare to a hand gesture in a physical world). 

You can gather so much data about User Experience, campaign’s effectiveness via landing page, which images were hovered on by the user while they stay on a gallery page.

content management tools, measure writer performance and kpis

How many of the grocery stores in the world measure hand gestures or eyeball movements of their visitors? Not much. But an eCommerce store (aka online store) can measure, for example, how many products each of their visitors look at, inspect them by holding them, add them to cart, or take out of it, or take home.

 They can also analyze what parts of their store are the most attractive for their customers.    And they do it all by using data.

They are making the most out of data in the digital world.

By question is,

Are you, the manager, taking advantage of the digital world to your fullest?

I believe in this digital world, if you are not harnessing much data, you are already planning to lose the future.

Now, most of the writing is done on digital platforms. And remember, if it’s digital, there’s data.

And if there’s data, there are insights you must not miss. You must harness all possible means for collecting data, be it Google Analytics or social media analytics. But remember, you must organize the collected data in a format that’s readable for both humans and machines.

How to actually measure it?

There are several project management tools to measure content writer kpis, but which one is for you depends upon the business objectives, your financial health, data and compliance, and personal preference.

Task Management Tools as Content Management Tools


content management tools, measure writer performance and kpis

You can acquire the full features of this product at $100 per month for unlimited users. Here you can create a list of statuses and add different tasks in it. Proofhub calls this feature “Content Workflow”, which you can view in the List format, gantt charts, kanban boards. 

Moreover, it doesn’t support co-authoring, which means that if multiple writers are working on a single document, you cannot really track who did what. This also means that if there is a task that requires writers, designers, and article editors to work on it, you will be handling different workflows and making sense of them separately for each of them. However, you can surely manage multiple projects and clients on this sleek application.

Microsoft Projects

content management tools, measure writer performance and kpis

You can acquire the full features of this product at $55 per month for one user – that’s a bit expensive. But the price really worths it – you get all the necessary project management options you’d need for managing your writers. For example, you can assign tasks to team members, track time, track project, and even manage some complex projects up to a certain level. Plus, you also get a business intelligence dashboard for decision making.


content management tools, measure writer performance and kpis

You can acquire the full features of this product at $31 per month for one user, but you can use its limited features for free as well. The features are quite similar to Microsoft Project but Asana markets its other features. Like it provides 100s of integrations including a time tracking facility.

It’s quite a fancy and flexible facility for the managers to manage things on the go in an environment where plans change really quickly. Plus, you also get free unlimited storage and can collaborate with up to 15 teammates.  

So, you can also use Asana as a team collaboration tool for content production. Works on both iOS and Android. They also have a basic version of Asana for personal or small team task management.


content management tools, measure writer performance and kpis

You can acquire the full features of this product at $18 per month for 100 users. You can think of Trello as Asana being offered at lower rates with higher capacity.

Google Sheets

content management tools, measure writer performance and kpis

All of the above applications are really good at managing projects and offer tons of features of collaboration, user management, storage, and security. But they are highly unlikely to customize according to your business needs. You have to kind of adjust your team and work environment according to these software applications.

But if your work environment isn’t changing frequently, you can go for Google Sheets.

It’s completely free and 100% customizable according to your business needs. The only limitation is that like any other software in the world, once your solution is built on Google Sheets, it’s very hard to change it.

Google Analytics and other sources

Take advantage of the analytics provided by social media and Google Analytics. These are great content management tools for extracting data for your writers. But combining them with the data of any of the Task Management tools mentioned above is really tough.

In fact, the way you organize all your data sources depends upon three things: business operations, content creation process and content strategy.

Now, we have seen a lot of different ways to measure the writer’s performance for agencies. In the upcoming articles, I will show you how you can utilize Google Sheets to effectively manage and measure a writer’s performance.

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