How to Reduce App Uninstalls with effective Content Marketing

The right way to do content marketing for your SaaS apps

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  • May 31, 2020

Reduce your app uninstalls with this simple content marketing trick, which is based on a small survey. This survey was specifically focused on Productivity apps and why do people uninstall these apps within the next 15 to 30 minutes of installation.

The results show that 50% of the participants uninstall the app because of limited access to full features.

content marketing for productivity apps or saas apps

Almost, every Productivity app provides free but limited access to the app. The idea behind is to allow users to access free features, enable them to solve some of their challenges, and when they are satisfied they will buy your paid features as well. At some point, you might also need to give incentives to the user like discount offers, or the first 15 days off to the premium features.

Content Marketing for Productivity Apps (SaaS Apps)

content marketing for saas apps or productivity apps

But the problem is when you run the advertisement campaign, you are mostly promoting your premium features, to which the customers respond by downloading your app.

But when they install the application, they realize “Oh, I am not allowed the full access”.

And then they do not know:
Number One: “how” to harness the limited features to solve their problems
Number Two: If I purchase the full features, “what extra will I get other than solving my problem?”

All they can see all across the place, “Upgrade your plan to use this feature”, which really does not help them have the full picture.

So, there is a clear lag of proper content like tutorials and user guides.

content marketing for saas apps and productivity apps

So, here’s what you need to do.

Add a layer of content between the user and your app’s free features.

You can create:

  • short videos explaining
    • case studies
    • examples
    • unique implementations
    • tutorial videos on how to use the app
  • long-form user guides
  • knowledge base (divided into paid content and free content)

This will help them tune their expectations according to your application business model.

And they will know what they can achieve with your free features.

They will feel blessed to have your tool with them, they will show you gratitude, and tell others as well.

UberSuggest is one such prominent example.

UberSuggest has both free and paid plans.

Check out Neil Patel’s playlist titled, “How to get more website traffic”

Most of his content is focused on what and how a digital marketer can achieve from the free version of UberSuggest. And in some videos, he also mentions what kind of tasks can be achieved by using the paid features.

So, the user expectation is always, always tuned.

They don’t get hurt.

For this, you really need good content that’s building up the expectation according to your business model.

content marketing strategy for saas apps productivity apps

So, here is the final content marketing cycle for your productivity app.

  • Give users good content that clearly explains what challenges user can solve with the paid and free features of the app
  • They will start using your free features to solve the challenges
  • And then they will start upgrading to premium packages, which means you will getting money in your pocket. But the users will do it only if you are providing something more than just “solving problems”. Extra value.

By the way, check out this resource on content marketing if you need to have a different perspective on b2b saas content strategy.

Maybe like providing useful insights into their productivity data (you can add Machine Learning to it if you feel like).

You can also provide extra value by allowing your premium users to your one-on-one consultation in which a trainer can guide them on what they can include more of the business in the app.

Or you can simply remove the limit-cap; for example, you can say “with premium, you can integrate this app with other applications for seamless workflow”, or “add more members to the group for collaboration maybe”.

Whatever your feature is, just don’t forget to mention the benefit of it as well. You have to clearly explain the extra value that your are giving to your user.

So, there is not just a problem being solved, but also an extra value being delivered through your premium packages.

And the most exciting thing is that your productivity app is already solving user challenges and adding extra value. You just need to tell them loud and clear.

And this is all done by adding good content.

I am Malik, a technical communication specialist, and I will keep sharing with you proven content marketing techniques that will make you do your business smarter.


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